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Monday, December 4, 2017

My thoughts on the Instant Pot Duo60 6 Qt 7-in-1

I bought my vey first Instant Pot for Black Friday. I got the 6 quart Duo, and wasn't quite sure about it, but knew my friends all loved their IPs.  I was thrilled when mine arrived.  It was all together and I couldn't wait to get going.  

I checked the seal, and it was good and seated correctly.  I checked the valves and they were clear (always do the checks).  I then did the water test where I pressurized a little water to make sure it worked and pressurized properly.  Once that passed with flying colors, I was ready to jump in. 


I'm not one to generally start off all crazy.  I joined several groups to study up while waiting for my IP to arrive.  Everyone seemed to start with hard boiled eggs.  I, however, wanted to make a meal.  So, I really did just jump in and start off all crazy!  I started making applesauce.  Something easy, but my kids love it!  I was able to fit 12 peeled and chunked apples into my 6 quart.  It turned out AMAZING!  I let the pressure release naturally and when I opened the cooker and stirred it the apples just stirred into the most perfect sauce.  A little bit of chunks, and so good and smooth!

For dinner I decided to make Indian Vegetable Rice and Indian Butter Chicken.  I did 4 cups of rice in my pot, removed it and kept it warm in the oven. Then was able to fit 10 whole chicken thighs in the 6 quart and could have fit 1-2 more, but I didn't need them.  That meal was absolutely amazing!  The rice being cooked into the IP wasn't really a time saver, however the flavor infused into the rice was beyond what I get on the stovetop or in my rice cooker. 

I finished up the day (yes, still on day 1) with a Salad Caramel Cheesecake.  It was so easy.  I used a silicon Instant Pot cheesecake pan I had bought and put the crust in it.  Then added in the filling.  I put my cheesecake on the trivet with a couple cups of water under.  I let it cook for 35 min at high pressure and let the pressure release naturally.  The cheesecake crust was a little soggy when it came out, but the cake itself was a perfect jiggly consistency.  I covered it and put it in the fridge overnight.  

The next day I removed the springform pan and the crust had hardened up.  The texture was perfect!  It was the first baked cheesecake I had ever made successfully.  

Day 2 I made penne pasta and meatballs for my kids for lunch.  I was nervous because I hate over cooked pasta.  At 6 minutes it was a perfect al dente.  I'm so happy with the dump and go ability!

I also made homemade Dulce De Leche with sweetened condensed milk for the topping for my cheesecake.  I didn't can it in the IP, as it's not approved for that.  I did use my canning jars though, that way I could see it when done.  I used one jar for the cheesecake, and the other two went in my fridge for use with raw apples for dip.  

This is my very favorite kitchen appliance ever.  I plan on getting another soon, as it's not enough for a family of 12.  However, it is a huge time saver.  I also love that I can set it and walk away.  I don't have to baby sit my stove like with my stovetop pressure cookers.  I was called away for an hour while the chicken thighs were cooking.  When it was done it just went to stay warm and waited for me.  

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