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Monday, October 30, 2017

Gifts for Kids - Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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Enkeeo Balance Bike

As a mother with lots of small children, one thing we need to teach each one of them is how to ride a bike. Learning to balance on one of these amazing contraptions is probably the hardest part of learning to ride.  

I have seen balance bikes for a while, and when I had the opportunity for my kids to try one from Enkeeo I jumped at the chance.  My 3, 4, and 6 year old children were thrilled, and weeks later they are still loving this bike.  

Putting it together was actually pretty easy.  Although I might have had to take part of the frame back off because I put it on upside down.  Don't ask.  I was distracted with kids all around "helping".  Anyway, it came with all the tools needed, and within about 15 minutes I had it ready to go!

The frame is a great quality metal.  The grips are comfortable for my kids.  I also love that the tires are a firmer foam feel, so they don't need aired up.  They are solid all the way through.  

This is perfect for small children to learn to balance before actually getting on a bicycle.  It's a bicycle, but without the peddles.  My kids actually ride it around in the house right now due to the cold weather. I'm shocked and amazed at how fast they picked up in this.  My 6 Year old son is about ready to move to a real bike.  I'm excited to see how much better they get as they keep playing on it.  

You can get it here:

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