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Monday, August 28, 2017

Trovina Natural Vegan Soaps

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I was on Facebook recently and happened to come across a woman in a local group.  She has a family owned and operated soap business, which I love to see.  I love small businesses, and always get excited to see others working for themselves. 

I began looking into her soaps, checked out her website and Facebook page, and was surprised at all the variety of options she had.  A big factor for me to want to try these soaps from Trovina was that they are natural, and not the melt and pour soaps.  The soaps are made with vegan ingredients and essential oils.  

Their story from their website:


Trovina was founded to bring truly natural soap to anyone who wanted it. In the search for natural soap just for our own personal use, we found that even handmade soapers didn't list their ingredients or listed them vaguely like "blend of oils and fats" or "fragrances."

It would leave us thinking, "Well, what kind?" "Natural or synthetic?"

We are a family of 5 - mom, dad, and 3 boys. During the recession, a lay-off created the need to make a little extra money and to keep busy. Rebecca had earned a certificate in Family Herbalism from Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing and was looking for a good way to put that knowledge to use. We decided to learn how to make our own soap and make it really natural.


We list all our ingredients in a straight-forward way and never hide anything from you.

We also never use animal fat or animal products. Since we create our own formulas and understand the chemistry of soaping, we are in a unique position to make whatever you want in a personal-sized batch. We offer custom soaps starting at $20 (5 bar yeild). Contact us for more information - these things are best discussed via email or phone.

**SIDE NOTE: We do use Kansas honey in two of our soaps. The honey is from a farmer that we know - there is no cruelty to bees here. We have vegans that are OK with honey and others who are not. 

The choice is yours. **


I was so excited, as I was able to try out several different soaps. Each one has a unique scent.  Each one is absolutely amazing.  They all leave my skin feeling silly and moisturized.  The scents are with essential oils, and are the perfect balance of scent.  They aren't too strong, but leave a lingering scent on my skin.  They are also my substitute for shaving soap.  They lather up enough to go on my legs, armpits, or wherever and let the razor do it's work without razor burn.  When done, my skin is amazing feeling.  

I was also able to try the soap saver dish and the body scrubber.  

The soap dish is angled, and is perfect for keeping your soap from dissolving away.  It's going to happen with the normal soap dish.  The water collects, and eventually the soap sitting in the water vanishes before it's time.  This dish is at a slope, and has a pour spout.  The water drains away, and my soaps have lasted a lot longer than my other store bought bar soaps I have in my shower (because I don't want to share with my husband).  

The body scrubber is great for the last pieces of my soap!  I stick the soap inside, get the scrubber wet, and the soap comes through allowing me to not waste the last of my soap.  It gets my skin clean, but it's not harsh or rough on my skin.  It hangs up to dry between my showering.  

If you are looking for homemade soaps for yourself, or as a gift for this upcoming holiday season, you can find Trovina on Facebook or on their website at https://www.trovina.com/

I received this free to test and offer up my opinion.  All thoughts are my own.  

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