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Monday, August 28, 2017

Happy Camper Designs Personalized Gifts

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My kids have managed to get me into watching anime.  One that I have come to love, although it is rather gruesome, is Attack on Titan.  I've tried watching different shows.  Tokyo Ghoul and Madoka are a few.  I just haven't found any I like as much as Attack on Titan.  Due to this, I found it a fun way to add to my coffee cup collection by putting the Wing of Freedom on my cup through 
Happy Camper Designs

I was able to send her the picture I wanted, and she was able to put it on my cup.  

I love the two different colors I got as well.  I have the black cup, as well as a white cup to use.  Both look amazing with the picture I sent her.  

She was great at communicating with me.  She was quick to let me know that the black one had a visual defect, so she was sending me the white one as well. The only thing about the black is that the picture wraps around the cup when it shouldn't have, and I can actually feel the picture as it isn't quite flat.  

The white cup, which is the one that is the true cup I would have gotten, is perfect with the cropping and the picture feels as if it is an actual piece of the cup.  There are no seams or ridges anywhere.  I'm mentioning the defect on the black cup so you know that she is aware of the condition of her products and she won't send anything subpar.  She wants you to get a quality product.  I was very happy to find this out about her and how she worked with me on my personalized cup.  

These arrived at my house quickly and packaged very well with a styrofoam cup insert inside their boxes.  There were no issues at all, and I give her a perfect rating.  

The great part is the variety of products she can personalize for you.  There's not just coffee cups, but water bottles, key chains, drawstring bags, charm bracelets, stuffed animals, blanket sets, decals, ceramic tiles, and other items as well.  You can find her on Facebook or on Etsy at Happy Camper Designs.  

These were provided at no charge for my personal opinion.  All thoughts are my own. 

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