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Thursday, April 6, 2017

My first time using an air fryer

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I had never tried an air fryer before, and wasn't really sure what to expect. I try to eat healthy most of the time, but I have a weakness for fried foods. Things French fries, onion rings, and foods like that. I really hate the oil, though. I hate the smell that lingers in my house. I hate the greasy feel and taste from all the oil. I hate how the smell and oil clings to all my hair and clothes when I cook with it. I hate the disposable of so much oil.
When the air fryer came, I was excited and a little nervous. I read through the instruction manual, which was easy to follow and understand. I found the guide in the back that gave the temperature and time for the food I was preparing. Tonight was french fries to go with hot dogs and homemade hamburgers.

The instructions said 9-16 minutes, so I put them in for 9 min. Then I shook them and put them in for another 7 min. This gave me time to do the first batch, and then begin to prepare the hamburger meat. I then switched the batch of fries, cooked some of the burgers, and then cooked the last of the burgers while the last batch of fries cooked. The 3 batches of fries took care of 8 kids and 2 adults that were eating.

You can see in the pictures that the fries were cooked well. I was actually very surprised at how crispy they came out. I did have one batch that wasn't quite as crispy in part (the middle). That was the one I filled past the max fill line. Due to that, they didn't cook quite as well. I just picked those out and tossed them in for 3 more minutes.

The last picture is the grease, and that was what came from the fries. It wasn't added into the frying container. All of this was done with zero added grease. What an impressive way to fry foods.

So far I have done fries, onion rings, tater tots, and chicken nuggets. I am so excited to try different foods with this. I know I can't cook wet foods (such as battered fish that has wet batter). However, already breaded or homemade fries and spring rolls should be something I can do in the air fryer. 

You can find this air fryer on Amazon by clicking HERE, or on their website HERE.

I was able to try this fryer at a discount.  All experiences and thoughts are my own.

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