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Saturday, January 7, 2017

A disappointing experience with a cloth diaper company left me feelingscammed

I was 6 months pregnant with my 10th baby back in August.  I wanted to do something very special for her, and decided to get my first ever custom cloth diaper made.  She was to be my 7th homebirth and my 5th baby we had at home unassisted (just the family there).  I was planning on getting a diaper with "Born Free" in autumn colors written across the back.  I wanted a minky fabric (super soft fuzzy fabric) in the colors of reds, yellows, browns, and/or oranges.

I saw someone from Straub Sewing & Design Company post in my due date group on facebook saying they were offering customs, so I messaged her.  We worked out a deal for a discount (diaper costing $30) in exchange for me reviewing her diaper.  I was excited!  I let her know what I wanted, and she send me a picture of the custom wording to see if it was acceptable. 

We chatted back and forth, and then I got a message that the diaper was done, but had an imperfection. 

Ok.  No problem.  I was happy she checked it over and let me know.  
Then communication slowed down.  So I sent a message. 

I was thrilled.  Baby wasn't here yet, and I really wanted the diaper before she was born. I was due Oct 30, and this would be great timing.  Or so I thought.  I sent a few more messages in November and December.  This was one of the last. 

And got a couple back. 

Suddenly my diaper that only needed snaps and would be mailed out ASAP back in October was not finished and delayed due to needing more fabric. 

So, since she said it would be mailed by Monday, I gave her a week.  Nothing.  So, I went back through PayPal to get it resolved.  I sent her another message through them.  

I waited.  No response.  I finally escalated it.  Baby girl is 9 weeks old tomorrow.  Today I got this message from PayPal. 

 So, I'm sorely disappointed my baby was not able to get her welcome to the world gift.  I'm sad that my very first ever custom diaper turned out to be a possible scam, as she kept stringing me along, but began giving contradictory stories.  Overall, I'm sad and upset that my baby was not allowed this one gift from me, and that I almost lost money for something that I was likely never going I get.  

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