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Monday, December 12, 2016

Your Favorite Child and a Sassy Coffee Cup

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I love coffee cups.  It's possibly one of the few things I love more than coffee.  My family had started making fun of me due to my growing collection and obsession with coffee cups.  I was recently asked to review two different cups from Got Me Tipsey.  

The first cup is my very favorite.  It's a clear glass mug that says "I love how we all know that I'm your favorite child".  This is perfect for a gift from a child to a parent or caretaker.  We all know we're our parents' favorite child.  As a parent, we all know we try not to play favorites.  It's a great play on the tug of war on favorites.  

This cup is surprisingly heavy and solid.  I was expecting a mug that weighed about the same as a regular coffee mug.  This one is a little thicker than the normal coffee mug, and is about twice as heavy. The bottom is very thick as well.  It holds 13 ounces, and it is also microwave safe.
You can find it here:

The second mug I got is a white ceramic coffee mug.  It has written across the cup:
And A Bit

This mug is the normal classic coffee cup feel and weight.  I love the classic white look with the writing across the front and back of the mug.  It's not overly cluttered and overwhelming with designs.  It is perfect for a fun gift for friends or family, or just a mug for yourself to make you smile in the morning.  

It is build well, without any defects or blemishes.  It is able to hold 11 ounces, an is microwave safe.  This makes it able to easily heat milk for hot cocoa.  

You can find it at this link:

I received these mugs free in exchange for my review. 

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