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Monday, December 5, 2016

Ozeri Popcorn Popper is a fun family night activity

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We are big popcorn people in our family. We actually sell kettle corn at festivals, so we know about popcorn.  

The Ozeri Movietime Popcorn Maker was given to me to review, and my kids absolutely LOVE this!  This is great for a cozy snack, family night, game night, or just for no reason other than to eat popcorn!

This popcorn popper from Ozei is very easy to use.  The lid jut sets up on top.  It doesn't snap on, so be careful you don't bump it and knock it off.  There is a little measuring cup to measure your popcorn kernels into the popper.  You just dump the kernels (no more than 1/3 cup) into the popper.  Do NOT add anything but the kernels.  The butter comes later. 

If you want to use butter or coconut oil for your popcorn, turn the measuring cup upside down, making it's bowl, and put on top of the popper lid.  This will warm the butter or oil and melt it as the popcorn pops.  Now, I learned to cut the butter into smaller cubes, as tablespoon sized chunks didn't melt hardly at all.  

When ready, plug in the popper, and it turns on automatically, spinning the kernels as it heats up.  

As the popcorn pops, it goes up and out the shoot, and into the bowl that you need to have under the popper at the end of the shoot.  Then I pour my melted butter from the cup and add salt.  Then stir it up. 

I did find that there is always a few pieces left inside the popper.  I use hot pads (as the popper is very hot), take the cover off, and dump the few popcorn pieces into the bowl.  There was also a slight smell the first few times we used the popper.  It will go away as it is used more.  

The kids pig out on the popcorn as a fun and healthy snack!

(You can see how the large butter hunks didn't melt)

If you would like one of your own, click the link for the listings at the retailers below.  



**I received this free in exchange for my honest an unbiased review.**

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