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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Camo Portable Digital Wrist Watch Walkie Talkie

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My kids have been wanting walkie talkies for quite a while.  They love to play outside, inside, and everywhere they can.  However, the ability to talk to each other from a distance is something that they are absolutely enthralled about.  To their utter delight, I was able to do a review of these Camo Portable Digital Wrist Watch Walkie Talkies through Lucky Product on Amazon.

A little information about these:
* Multi-channels 

* Auto Squelch; Auto Battery Saving 

* Internal VOX 

* Auto Channel Scan 

* Call alert signal button for urgent calls 

* 12 hours AM/PM time display 

* Easy and Convenient to use 

MIC: Built-in Microphone Battery: Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery 

Speaker: Built-in Speaker 

Standby: Time 24 Hours 

Talk Time: Approx 3 Hours 

Scan: Press to enter channel scan 

Down: Adjust volume level (default), and makes channel and watch adjustments in menu mode 

Up: Adjust volume level (default), and makes channel and watch adjustments in menu mode 

Power/Menu: Press and hold to turn unit ON/OFF. A quick, single press accesses the menu and watch setting 

PTT/Call: (Multi Function): Press and hold to transmit voice communication. Press twice in a rapid action to transmit call-tone 

When we first got them, the kids dug into the box.  It came with both rechargeable watch walkie talkies, 2 sets of chargers, 2 sets of earbuds for "stealth mode" when using the walkie talkies, 2 batteries (1 for each), and the instruction manual.  We immediately set up the watches to fully charge, which we went ahead and left plugged in for 3 hours just to make sure.

My 12 year old daughter and 9 year old son, as soon as they were allowed to, quickly put on their watch walkie talkies and got ready to get playing with them.  We set them up on the same channels, which was very easy to do using the buttons on the watch.  Then they immediately knew how to use them.

The volume on these is amazing.  The speaker was easily heard when they were talking without using the earbuds.  The audio was loud and clear when they used them.  The earbuds worked great for handsfree use, but only my daughter like to use the earbuds as her personal preference.  We were able to have them used throughout all parts of our house, as well as outside in the yard and at the park.  They were about 100 yards from each other and still talking clearly with one another.

The batter life seems very good.  They can play for around 3 hours of constant use, but usually longer since they aren't constantly using them.  They also last for 3-4 days if turned off and put away.  They are pretty easy to use, and I found that my kids were able to figure them out and play with them pretty much straight from the box.  This may be one of the favorite of the electronics my kids have had the pleasure of helping to review.

I received this free to review.  If you are interested in buying these, you can find them HERE on Amazon.

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