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Monday, June 13, 2016

Hall's Candies - A Delicious Variety of Candies

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I love my occasional sweet treat.  Sometimes I share them, and sometimes (being a mother of 9 and get tired of only getting a piece or two out of all of my treats) I will hide them.  Every lady needs her own secret stash of sweets.  They are our special little treat for a hard day of work, a terrible day, or just for a happy moment of sweet delight.

I was overjoyed when I opened my box last week and found the most amazing surprise.  I had a box of, not just 1 treat, but 4 different candies from Hall's Candies.  I found that not only could I share with my family (believe me, they were thrilled), I was able to stash away my own special treat of my favorite sweets.

Let me talk you through this fun box of goodies.

I was able to try out Hall's Assorted Fudge , Peanut Brittle, Milk Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, and Assorted Salt Water Taffy.

The Assorted Fudge was really amazing.  I have made fudge, and I have purchased all kinds of fudge.  Making fudge is a little tedious, and the kind I make requires it to stay cold.  Otherwise it melts.  Some of my more recent experiences with the fudge I've purchased has been a fudge that was more of a strange chewy texture.  When I opened the box of Hall's Assorted Fudge, I was wondering what type of fudge I was going to eat.

I will say that I was more than pleasantly surprised by the taste, texture, and quality of this fudge.  This was right up there with the high quality fudge I had purchased in expensive fudge shops.  The fudge was delicious.  I had to try the Chocolate Walnut first.  That is my all time favorite flavor.  The fudge was moist, yet it broke apart when I bit it.  It wasn't chewy like caramel, as I had with other brands.  The walnuts were good sized and spread throughout the large piece of fudge.

There were 8 varieties of fudge in the box.  I had 2 pieces of Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Walnut, Maple Walnut, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Layered Peanut Butter (chocolate on bottom and peanut butter on top).  Then I had 1 piece of the Panuche Walnut.

I loved each one of these.  The Chocolate was perfectly chocolaty.  The Maple Walnut had a good maple flavor that reminded me of breakfast and maple syrup.  The Peanut Butter flavors were a lovely surprise, as they were not overly peanut buttery in flavor.  They were the perfect strength for me.  Overall, these are my top favorite fudge I've had.

These Chocolate Covered Marshmallows were very good.  The box had 19 chocolate covered marshmallows in it.  They were actually very delicious and a nice sweet treat.  I could tell very quickly that these weren't just store bought marshmallows.  They were a richer and almost chewier texture than store marshmallows. They had that homemade taste, and with them covered in the silky milk chocolate, it was delicious.  The marshmallow melted in my mouth, and the chocolate covered my tongue and mouth with a delicate and wonderful chocolate taste and feel.  The chocolate was smooth, and not grainy.  

These are a perfect little snack when you just need to grab a little piece of something sweet, but not too sweet.  My kids loved them too.  As you can see, I had a little hand snatching them up as I was trying to get the pictures.  The box was also amazingly empty by the time I was able to get the picture of the inside of the marshmallow.  My kids and husband were quick to help me eat these candies.

I am a big peanut brittle fan.  When I opened the box of Hall's Peanut Brittle, I was surprised at how much you get with the 13 ounce box.  It comes in a heat sealed plastic bag, so I poured it into one of my storage containers to keep it fresh.  The peanut brittle was fresh and crisp.  When broken, it gave a good snap and had a nice crunch as I ate it.  The brittle had the perfect thickness, and the amount of peanuts were perfectly spread out throughout the brittle.  

The sweet and salty mix of the peanut brittle is great.  It gives you that satisfaction of when you want to have that sweet and salty snack.  One piece is perfect, and sometimes it's nice to grab another just in case you need that extra indulgence.  The pieces are varied from large, to little sized for smaller treats or to share with your little children (if you want to, but it's not required).  

Last was the Assorted Salt Water Taffy.  This was an assortment of 8 different flavors of salt water taffy.  Each piece was individually wrapped in wax paper to protect them from sticking together.  I got one long piece of each of the flavors of Chocolate, Banana, Creamsicle (orange cream), Cinnamon, Strawberry, Tutti Frutti, Vanilla, and Watermelon.  

The salt water taffy was very firm, but gave a nice long, sticky stretch as you pulled it.  Every flavor was unique, and some were flavors I had never tried before.  The cinnamon was a good strong flavor, and perfect for the cinnamon lover.  The chocolate and vanilla were so interesting.  I had never tried those flavors before in salt water taffy.  They were very good, with the actual taste of chocolate and the vanilla flavor.  My favorite, though, was the creamsicle.  I love orange, and the orange cream flavor was magic in my mouth.  It brought me back to my childhood at my grandmother's, eating the creamsicle ice cream.  It was wonderful.  

I received these for free in exchange for my review.  If you are interested in checking out Hall's Candies, you can find there HERE on Amazon.

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