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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Graco Fit4Me 65 Car Seat

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As a mother of 9, and soon to be 10, I have been through a lot of car seats.  I've tried many out over the 18 years of being a mother, and I've learned a lot about car seat safety.  I've learned about the straps and how tight they should be, and how you shouldn't wash them.  I've learned about not using the head cushions you purchase in stores.  I've learned about the chest clip height.  I also discovered over the years that my car seats have expiration dates.  There is so much more, but those are the basics.  
I was able to try out a new car seat with my son, Zechariah back in September of 2015.  The car seat is 9 months old now, and my thoughts are the same now as when I first got it.  It is still his favorite car seat.  It is so comfortable for him, and he loves to go places so he can be in his Graco Fit4Me 65 car seat.

I am really impressed with the Fit4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat.  The first thing I noticed when I pulled it out of the box was how cushioned it was for my baby. He was 17 months old, and 22 pounds. It fits babies and kids rear facing from 4 to 40 pounds, and 20 to 65 pounds forward facing, so I knew it will last him a long time. It is so comfortable feeling, and the head cushion is really nice, but very easily removable by just sliding it out from behind the headrest. I debated taking it out, but my little guy really liked it, so it stayed in. He was so excited to get this seat. Before we put it in our van, if his bigger sister or brother tried to get in it he would cry, as you can see in this picture.

He is much happier when she isn't trying to touch his car seat.

I absolutely love that the height is easily adjusted with the handle on the top. I don't have to take the seat completely apart and move the straps. This is a huge plus for this seat. I did have a little trouble figuring out how to move the buckle by his legs that the other belts click into. I finally figured it out and got it quickly changed to the correct spot for him. The belts are easy to loosen and tighten, but they don't move unless you push the button by baby's feet where the belt adjustment is located to loosen or pull to tighten the belt for him.
The ability to recline the seat with the pull of a handle is great. I have to have it reclined when in the rear facing position in my van. I put him in it, and was able to adjust the the correct position in seconds.
The cup holder is just too cute. It's perfect for holding a bottle, sippy cup, snacks, spit up rag, or even toys or a pacifier. It's nice to have that extra spot where something can be held within reach of baby or of someone sitting next to baby. The pattern is just lovely. I really like the blue of this seat. It's not too bright, and very pleasing to the eye.
Last, but not least, is the easy to remove cover. It is made so that you can easily take the cover off to clean it in the situations that always happen with sick kids, diaper blow outs, spilled drinks or snacks, or just gets dirty from normal use. The seat is attached in different areas with touch tape, and can be removed and reattached without the huge hassle that other seats have always had. This is the easiest car seat I've ever owned when it comes to getting it all adjusted for correct positioning. Everything is so simple and very user friendly.

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to try this car seat. I received it free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions and experiences expressed are my own.

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