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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Amore di Mona Vegan Chocolates

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I love trying different types of chocolates.  However, this is one type of chocolate that I hadn't tried before.  I received 2 boxes of chocolates from Amore di Mona.  The big thing that made these chocolates different is that these are vegan chocolates.  They are GMO free, and Non-GMO Project Verified.  They are also free of gluten, sesame seeds, wheat, soy, eggs, corn, peanuts and tree nuts, as is the facility they are made in.  They are organic, all natural, kosher, Fair Trade, preservative and artificial coloring free, and sweetened with raw, organic, Fair Trade Madhava agave nectar.

In my box I received the Amore di Mona Connoisseur Collection Dark Chocolate & Caramella Gift Box, and the 3 Piece Party Favor Gift Box.

I must say that I really love the boxes that these chocolates came in.  They are very elegant and beautifully packaged.  They come wrapped very securely and sealed with a wax seal (which I'm pretty sure is actually rubber as it doesn't break when bent).  The chocolates, when removed from their main box, are wrapped in paper and with the gold seal, and the Amore di Mona Connoisseur Collection Dark Chocolate & Caramella Gift Box was also wrapped with gold foil.

The Amore di Mona Connoisseur Collection Dark Chocolate & Caramella Gift Box is lovely.  The candies in them are very tasty.  I was actually very surprised at how much I liked these, as I wasn't sure what to expect with vegan chocolate.  The chocolates are very different in flavor from one another.  In the gift box I received 4 heart dark chocolate, 2 heart dark chocolate with currants, and 2 heart dark chocolate with coffee beans.  I also received the rectangular chocolates in the flavors of caramela, caramela with cranberries, caramela with cherries, and caramela with coffee beans.  

The caramela with coffee beans were my favorite.  I am a huge coffee fan, and these hit the spot. They are a little chewy, with coffee bean pieces that gave it a really nice coffee flavor.  The cranberry and cherry flavors give the caramela a nice extra bit of sweetness to the dark chocolate.  The hearts with the coffee and currants were also very good.  The coffee was perfectly balanced with the dark chocolate, and the currants added a nice touch of sweetness to the bitter of the chocolate. The regular chocolate chocolates and caramela were good, but probably my least favorite.  Only because they were more of an unsweetend flavor than I am generally used to.  I love dark and extra dark chocolates, but they needed just a little more sweet added to them for me.  

I also discovered that I liked these partially soft.  I usually freeze or refrigerate my chocolates.  I tried that with these, and they tasted almost grainy.  When I left them out on my counter in the warmer room, they were soft and the texture was completely different.  The softness of the chocolate made it more creamy and a much better feel in my mouth.  

The box came with a tag that showed all the different flavors of the chocolates, so you can easily distinguish between the flavors and pick out the ones you want to try first.

The 3 Piece Party Favor Gift Box was one that I enjoyed quite a bit.  There were 3 different flavors in there.  One I picked out immediately was the chocolate with coffee bean.  The nice flavor of the coffee was distinct and I was able to pick it out quickly.  The others were the caramela and the caramela with cranberries.  Both were very good.  The caramela was a good chewy texture, and the caramela with cranberries was a little sweeter than the other 2 in the box, making it a nice finish.

These are perfect for little gifts, or even as a very lovely wedding box for guests to put in gift bags or at the tables at the wedding dinner.  They are elegant, sophisticated, and they taste very lovely.  They are also vegan, non GMO, Fair Trade, free of gluten, peanuts and tree nuts, soy, dairy, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, and sweetened with raw, organic, agave nectar.  Making them perfect for most people.

I received these free in exchange for my review.  If you are wanting to see more chocolates from Amore di Mona, click HERE to visit them on Amazon.

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