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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Me My Elos IPL QUARTZ 100,000 Shots Hair Removal system

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Let's talk body hair.  It's something that most of us dislike on our bodies.  It's a huge hassle to get rid of.  Usually it's a painful experience.  Razor burn, hot wax, ripping the hair out... Let's just say that beauty is painful. 

I was able to try out this hair removal system from Me My Elos.  The Me uses light and radio frequency to stop the hair from growing back.  I found this very interesting, and I wanted to find out more about it before it arrived.

A Little About the Product...

  • 100,000 pulses the latest 2012 model
  • with over 3 million professional elos hair-removal treatments performed annually - elos is more than clinically tested, it is medically proven
  • elos is the first and only technology that combines the power of both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RF (radio frequency energy).

Some information that I found...

I found an interesting study that was done, not just with the IPL and RF hair removal, but with the actual product fro Elos that I was going to be trying out.  I read through the entire study (found HERE) and also mentioned with NBCI (HERE), and I was excited to see how this would work for me.

There is something about a new way of doing this that still scared me.  It took me a couple days to actually try it out.  I was still reading on it, but finally decided to give it a try.  I made sure to shave (as it mentioned to do), but I also decided to only do it on my right leg.  That way I could see the difference between the two and see if it really helps prevent hair growth.  Since both legs look pretty equal with their hair, I thought this would be a great way to find out the difference it makes.

I decided to do a video of the Me in use.

First, make sure your legs, arms, chest, armpit, etc... are shaven as well as clean (free of lotions, oils, etc...).
You can use it on your face (below the nose), but you must follow the directions.  I didn't use it on my face, so I can't really give my thoughts on that.

You want to plug it in, and have the wand in the cradle.  The yellow light will be on.  Push the power button (by the yellow light) to turn it on and the light will turn green, and set it to your proper strength.  I have very pale skin, so I was the High setting.  You want to put your thumb and forefinger on the metal strips (front and back of wand).  Then push the top button on the top of the wand to turn it on.   The fan will then come on and you'll know it's ready.  

You must have the window on the bottom of the wand completely on your skin, making complete contact.  Otherwise it will not work.  

You'll know it's working because it flashes a light.  It's not a little light, but a blinding light.  It says to not look at it, and I had to look away as it is VERY bright.  I also had to keep kicking my kids out, as they seemed drawn in by the light like moths.  It has a heat that radiated into my leg when it flashed.  It was only a small amount of heat, not painful or even uncomfortable.  However, it lasted for close to 30 minutes.  

I haven't been able to see the results yet, and I'm excited to show what happens.  However, once I do, I'll post it on here.  

You can find the Mē My Elos Quartz 100,000 Shots Latest 2012 model on Amazon for the under $300.  However, if you factor in the price of your hair removal supplies you have to buy all the time, it's a good price.

I received this free in exchange for my review.  


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