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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Silver Bells Holiday Giveaway!

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I love different decorations.  During the holiday season, it seems that decorations take on a special meaning.  I was given 2 beautiful silver holiday bells that I am offering up to one of my fans!

The bells I'm giving away are Klikel 2015 Annual Sleigh Holly Bell Christmas Ornament and the Klikel 2015 Annual Edition Christmas Jingle Bell Ornament.  Both are nickel plated, and are a beautiful decorative piece with 2015 on the front.  

The Klikel 2015 Annual Sleigh Holly Bell Christmas Ornament is a very nice little sleight holly bell. It is so pretty, and is actually bigger than I thought it might be. It's a lovely silver bell that is palm sized. It has a sweet little "cow bell" sound when you ring it. The bell has a pretty red ribbon, which adds a very nice touch with the extra color as well as a way to hang it. This bell is perfect for a tree decoration, or as a decoration around the house for the 2015 holiday.

The Klikel 2015 Annual Edition Christmas Jingle Bell Ornament is the perfect silver Christmas bell. It is also a beautiful silver color. The red ribbon adds not just a lovely added holiday color to the bell, but is also functional for the ability to hang it up if you want. The bell itself makes a very nice bell sound. It's not the cheap bell ringing, but the lovely bell tone that you would expect. This is perfect for your holiday decorating for using on your Christmas tree, or to just decorate on a mantle or hang on the wall for your 2015 Christmas memories. I love that it also has the "Christmas 2015" engraved into the bell, as it is perfect to remember the 2015 memories.

You can buy both of these on Amazon for $12.99 each by clicking the names above.  

For my blog followers, you can enter to win both of these bells below.

Silver Bells Holiday Giveaway!

I received these free in exchange for my review.