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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ponosoon Sports Sunglasses - Holiday Gift Guide Stocking Stuffer

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I got the Ponosoon Sports Sunglasses for my husband, who wears sunglasses any time we go outside.  His eyes are sensitive to the light and he needs the sunglasses to be able to get around easily.  These have a polarized lens and comes with 4 additional interchangeable lenses.

When these sunglasses arrived I was first impressed with the hard shell case.  It is very strong and protective of the sunglasses and the accessories.  It has a clip on the side so it can be carried easily on luggage, in your car/motorcycle, diaper bag, or anywhere that you can clip on to.  The case zips all the way around the front and side, opening along the straight edge of the back.  Inside you have your space for the sunglasses to sit comfortably, while in front of that spot is a foam piece that holds the 4 pairs of additional lenses separately from one another to prevent scratching or breaking.

I'm going to admit that changing the lens out was a little scary the first few times.  I read the directions included with the sunglasses, and I nervously popped the lens out and then put the lens in the same way it came out.  

What I did was grab the glasses frame by the nose pad.  I carefully pulled the piece by the nose pad down, and I discovered that the frame bent out a little during this time and it released the lens.  

To put the lens in, you want to put the outside edge in first (it has a little piece that sticks out).  Then carefully push the side that is rounded back in.  I was struggling to get the lens in, and I slightly bent the frame (like it was when it was coming out) and it went back in. 

When we first got the sunglasses, my husband put them on and we immediately noticed the nose piece was wrong.  It actually stabbed right into the tear ducts, and was very uncomfortable.  I looked at them, and gave the nose piece a little squeeze.  That's when I saw that they were flexible and able to adjust in any way you wanted.  We quickly got them the way they needed to be, and they fit comfortably after that.  The tightness is good.  It is a little tight, but that helps to prevent them from sliding down.  They always loosen up after a while anyway.

The different lenses are great.  First, the lenses are shatterproof, which is wonderful.  That way he can use the Yellow PC or SOV Clear PC lens for work or when out shooting to protect his eyes.  The other colors we received were the Ice Laser PC and the Shallw Blue PC lens.  The last is the mirrored Black Polarized lens.  All of these are great for any activity you might need, and you can switch them out without buying new glasses for each lens color.  

These are something I hadn't seen before, and I find them very wonderful.  These would make a really great gift or stocking stuffer for the guy in your life.

You can find them on Amazon for under $20.

I received these discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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