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Sunday, November 22, 2015

'Kiss of A Fairy' - Women's Jewelry Set Swarovski Element Teardrop Crystal Pendant Necklace Bracelets & Earrings Sets - Holiday Gift Guide

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I'm quickly collecting more jewelry.  This one I recently tried is a beautiful jewelry set.  The 'Kiss of A Fairy' - Women's Jewelry Set Swarovski Element Teardrop Crystal Pendant Necklace Bracelets & Earrings Set is just lovely.  I ordered the dark blue (listed as 'copper') crystal jewelry set, but there are several other amazing options.  It is more beautiful in real life than it is in the listing.  Blue is my favorite color, and I was thrilled when it arrived.   They are silver plated, which is awesome for me since I react to certain metals. 

The earrings are a lovely size.  They are 1 inch long, not counting the hook, and do have a little weight.  However the crystals are beautiful.  You have a large colored crystal on the bottom, topped with 10 tiny clear crystals.  Then the top is a silver plated piece to finish it off. 

The bracelet is very nice.  It is 7 inches long, with a 1 1/4 inch extender if you need it.  There is one oval silver charm on the end of each side that is hollow, you then have one charm after each of those that is either a solid silver or covered in tiny clear crystals.  In the center is one more large colored crystal, to add the beauty and tie it in with the earrings and necklace.

The bracelet has a heavy chain on for the lobster style clasp to connect with, which is perfect for added security to prevent it breaking and falling off.  The extender piece is a smaller, more delicate chain, so it is more apt to break than the actual bracelet.  However, it is nice if you don't use it so you don't have a heavy chain dangling down.

The necklace is beautiful.  The charm is the same colored crystal in the center.  It has 8 tiny clear crystals above it, and 7 clear crystals below it.  The silver metal is then wrapped forward from the sides, looking as if it is hugging or cradling the crystals.  Above the charm is a round crystal, and finished off with a silver oval piece attaching it to the chain.  

The chain itself is a bunch of individual little links.  The chain is beautiful, however it is horrible with kinking.  That's my only concern, is that the kink followed by a tug might break the chain.  That and I have a horrible time getting it kink free. 

For the price, I don't think you will find a jewelry set much prettier.  It really is nice, and for less than $30 on Amazon, you can't beat the price for a gift for your favorite lady in your life.  Or possibly even yourself.

I received this free in exchange for my review.

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