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Friday, October 16, 2015

12 Hole Ocarina Legend of Zelda by Ocarinawind

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My daughters love Zelda.  With this love, they have found that the Ocarina makes some beautiful music.  They have several ocarinas, but we were able to try out an alto 12 Hole Ocarina Legend of Zelda Triforce replica.

This is a very nice 12 hole ocarina.  The ocarina itself feels strong and the ceramic is thick and smooth.  It is a great replica of the Zelda Triforce ocarina.  It comes with a song book and finger chart, a heavy nylon case, and a carry strap/string that attaches to the ocarina for easy carrying and safety when playing it in the situation that it might be dropped.  It's nice to have the book to get started with some songs, but it would be nice if the song book had more songs.

The ocarina overall has a nice sound to it.  It is a little airy on the high notes, but the lower notes sound really good.  The 4 highest notes are the ones that are the most airy sounding.  If you want to play the higher notes where it isn't quite as airy you will need to tip it pretty far as you play it.  The very lowest note is hard to play.  The secondary hole is hard to cover up with the main hole due to the positioning of the two holes.  I'll include that in the pictures.

You can hear the sound quality in the video.

The color is beautiful.  It's a prettier color than in the pictures and I was very surprised at that.  I think this is a great beginner or intermediate alto ocarina.

You can find this Ocarinawind 12 Hole Zelda Ocarina HERE on Amazon.  It's also a great price at $24.95.  If you price out other ocarinas, you'll see what a deal it is.

I received this free in exchange for my honest review.

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