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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sometimes I get a dud, or two.

I generally only post here my reviews of products that I like.  However, sometimes it's good to show that I don't always like everything I get.  Well, I'm can't say I didn't like it.  I was sorely disappointed in these toys. 

I was able to test and review an electronic airplane and car.  My kids saw these and were absolutely thrilled. We put batteries in.  I got my camera out so I could do a video of both.  I added a short clip from both.

The airplane came disassembled.  I quickly put the wing and tail piece in.    We put it on the floor and got this video. 

My 7 year old son was stoked because he has ALWAYS loved planes.  He wants to be a pilot and wants to own a plane.  

We then got the car out.  It's so cute an makes noise and music.  When it runs into something it turns and goes another direction.  My 4 year old son loves it.  He was so happy.  

Within about 10 minutes of unblocking these, they broke. The front wheel fell apart of the plane.  That rendered it unusable.  

The car's spoiler broke off.  The car is still able to be used, but it's still broken.  All within less than an hour of unboxing them.  

Overall, I'm sad and disappointed in these toys. They're from the same seller an are the same quality.  It's definitely something I wouldn't recommend.  

I received these both free in exchange for my honest review.  All experiences and thoughts are my own. 

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