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Monday, September 14, 2015

I'm not just a reviewer! My crazy days!

I know that I pretty much only post my reviews on here.  I'm wanting to change things up and talk a little about me.  Things are crazy around here pretty much all the time.  I am not just a blogger and reviewer.  I'm not some crazy lady that writes reviews all day.  Although, to me it seems like it.  I am a wife and a mother to 9 amazing and crazy kids.  I spend my day alternating between cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, cleaning, trying new products, cleaning, cooking, writing reviews, oh, and cleaning.  Ha ha ha!

Oh, and I lied.  I am a crazy lady.  When you have 9 kids, you likely don't have all the sanity you started off with.  I just try to tone it down in my posts.  I think that you just don't see the real me in them, and I want to change that.  I want to start writing more on here, and not JUST doing the reviews.  I mean, come on.  Does anyone really just want to sift through reviews?  Doubtful.  Soooo.... I am going to have fun!  I am going to post from the life of a crazy mom blogger!

I'm having fun, and I hope you enjoy the future of Big Family Reviews.

Now I will spam my post with fun pictures of my family and daily life.  In no particular order...

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