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Friday, July 17, 2015

Trying TuVous For The First Time

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I am not the girliest of girls out there. I do love to try to pretty myself up and try new things that will make it easier on me.  I also love to add some color and a little fun to my clothing.  

I was excited to get a surprise box of TuVous items in the mail.  It was full of awesome stuff that I was able to try out.  I was looking at the TuVous site, and was amazed at all the items you can get.  

I unpacked my box and found sunglasses, super colorful socks, a beautiful Tree Of Life necklace, and colorful nail wraps.  After fighting off my kids, telling them it's ALL mine, I tired these out. 

I had to try on the sunglasses first.  These are great!  They are large frames, but I love them.  They are sturdy, have a pretty design, and I love that I can wear them over my glasses.  They are big enough that I can actually put them on over my normal eyewear, and they are comfortable.  

They also came in a super cute cloth case to protect it when in your purse or dresser. 

Then I had to try my socks.  Colorful and bright!  I love how fun these socks are.  They are a soft and thin cotton fabric.  These are my "around the house" relaxing socks.  However, they would be good for boots too.  They come up about 3/4 of my calf.  They are thin and breathe great, so my feet don't get hot and sweaty.  However, again, they re thin, so thy won't provide a lot of protection from shoes that aren't broken in.  I am in love with the colors an vibrancy.  They are one of my new favorite socks. 

The very favorite of the TuVous item I got is the tree necklace.  It resembles the Tree Of Life and means a lot to me in the symbolism. I am a mother of 9.  I have birthed 6 of my children at home, and I work a little in the natural birth field.  I immediately put the necklace on.  

It seems of nice an strong quality.  I have been wearing it quite a bit over the last few weeks.  So far it has held up well.  There is no wear.  The chain has held up to not just my wearing it, but my 15 month old pulling on it while nursing.  The lobster style clasp works great without it sticking or breaking.  It also has extension links to make it longer if you want.  

The last item would be the nail wraps.  I got the Rainbow Splatters (VMTA105).  I had only experiences nail wraps once before with another well known brand.  The other brand the wraps were pretty much permanently stuck to your nails.  Pulling the other brand off destroyed my top layers of my nails.  

TuVous nail wraps were easy to apply.  They are more like stickers, and more forgiving.  They are not as permanent, which is good and bad.  You are able to remove them without damage to your nails.  You can change your color and pattern without a huge fuss (and again, damage to your nails).  However, they don't last quite as long.  Mine lasted about 1 1/2 weeks.  However, this was also with intense work with my hands.  I was scouring stuff with steel pads and doing a lot of gardening.  I would assume they would last longer if I hadn't been doing such crazy work with my hands.  

The wraps will get you many uses with one sheet.  I was able to do all my finger nails, and this is what I had left.  

They are a great deal!

I received these all free in exchange for my review. 


  1. Did you remove your "Name Brand Wraps" according to the directions? That is probably why they damaged your nails. They are designed to stay put until you want them to come off and then you can safely remove them with oil or the nail wrap remover.

  2. Depending on which name brand wraps you tried before, pulling them off directly isn't recommended. Do you know what the TuVous wraps are made of? I came across your post because someone else mentioned them and I had never heard of them until today.