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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our Trip to Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium Kansas City

We had such a fun trip today!  Unfortunately my husband had to work.  However, my mom came with me and the kids.  We were given 4 free tickets to Legoland Kansas City and to Sea Life Aquarium Kansas City in exchange for a review.  We also purchased our 2 adult and 3 additional children's tickets for the rest of us.  Then the 2 little ones were free since they were under 3. 

We started off going to Legoland.  My kids have been asking for years to go there.  Actually, asking since before Kansas City had a Legoland.  We were supposed to go last week, but the brakes went out on our van, so I had to disappoint them and reschedule for today.  They patiently waited, and today they got to go!  They were so excited.  

We drove around for a while looking for parking, and finally decided to pay for parking at Union Station. We then went to Crown Center and I got some of the kids to pose with the Lego people. 

We then got our tickets.  The lady at the counter was so helpful and found the best price for us.  I was super happy with how much she helped us.  

There was so much to do in there.  There were rides to go on. 

There were Lego exhibits to look at. 

Then, there was also a play area for the kids to let loose and burn off some energy. 

They also had some areas with activities where you could build Lego sets and have the option to purchase them.  They weren't running those workshops at the time we were in there.  

I was impressed with Legoland, and my kids had a blast. 

We then went to the other side and visited Sea Life Aquarium Kansas City. 
I was just amazed at this place.  My 2 oldest went to an aquarium in Utah last year.  They said the Sea Life Aquarium Kansas City was a lot better.  

The fish exhibits were beautiful.  

The jellyfish!  I was so excited to see them!  The lights changed colors, and that changed the color of the jellyfish. 

I love the seahorses!  One of my favorites!!!

The kids got to pet the star fish.  They loved that!

The lady there even picked one up gently so my little girl could pet it. 

Then, there was my favorite area.  We went under the water.  We had the fish swimming over the underwater walkway. Even my baby Z loved it. 

A shark and giant stingray pass one another above us. 

They also had the Octonauts area for kids to explore.  

We then had the last few aquarium exhibits.  Some of the tanks the kids were able to interact with. 


Then we ended with the play area to run off that last bit of excited energy. 

It was such a huge day of fun.  We made it through both in 3 hours.  We could have EASILY spent another hour in each place.  You are able to just wonder through both places at your own pace.  My daughter mentioned that if she could ask for one thing to make the aquarium better, it woul be a stingray petting area.  Otherwise, it was just fabulous.  

Legoland was fun.  The kids loved it, but I felt that Sea Life Aquarium was more educational, more stimulating, more interactive, and held the kids attention much longer.  If I was to pick between the two, I'd choose the aquarium.  
While Legoland was fun, the aquarium was amazing.  

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