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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Kool-Flow Bamboo Cover and my 700Thread Count Pillow Case

I rotate through pillows a lot.  I keep trying new pillows, and I have yet to truly like one for very long.  My problem is that they raise my head into a crooked position and I get a stiff neck, sore back, and headaches.   I hate it.  I've been through several memory foam pillows, a buckwheat pillow (which I loved for a long time), and the basic fluffy pillows.

I have also been through many pillow cases.  They can be stiff, slip off my pillow easily, and sometime they get pilly.

I was recently given a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Xtreme Comforts as well as a set of 700 Thread Luxury  Pillow Cases Set by Yorkshire-Mayfair to try and see what I think.

What does Xtreme Comforts they say about their pillow?

Do You Wake Up More Tired Than When You Went To Bed Or Suffer From:Migraines
Neck Pain
Allergies & Asthma
Tingling in Your Fingers

The Problem With Most Pillows

You shape your pillow to give good support but as the pillow collapses and heats up your support goes away which in turn puts stress on your nerves and causes you to wake up tossing, turning and flipping it to the cool side.

Experience The Worlds Most Comfortable Pillow!

Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow and Kool-Flow(tm) Bamboo Cover can help eliminate these problems!

Everyone is different and likes their pillow shaped to their individual preference. Our pillow comfortably shapes to your head & neck in any position while maintaining proper support all night long ensuring you a better nights sleep. It will be the most comfortable pillow that you will ever own.

Our Kool-Flow(tm) Bamboo Cover keeps your pillow cool all night long.

There's Nothing More Important Than Your Health!

70% of people do not like their pillows and lose sleep because of them.

Improper alignment of your neck cuts off the flow to your cervical nerves.

With our pillow you will get proper alignment of your cervical nerves which is essential for a good nights sleep. You will get more Rem sleep which is a deep healing sleep that keeps you healthy and alert.

With a Good Nights Sleep Every Night You Will Have More Energy Every Day!

What do I think about the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow?

I've spent the last week sleeping on this pillow.  It came rolled up and flat.  I unpackaged it and had a lot of fun watching it expand many times the size it was flattened into.  That's one of the fun parts of memory foam.

The bamboo cover is super soft.  I just love it!  I squished it in all directions and had fun making it fat and then thin again. 

I did notice that there was a slight odor to the pillow.  If you have ever played with the tubes that you put the liquid plastic on a straw and then blow a plastic bubble, that's kind of the odor from the pillow.

I slipped the pillow into my 700 Thread Luxury  Pillow Cases Set by Yorkshire-Mayfair.  The pillow cases are 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Standard and so very soft.  This is a great addition to the pillow. 

With the super soft bamboo cover, and the luxury pillow case, I was all set for bed. 

I was wondering what I would think, as the pillow did seem pretty fat.  I put my head down on it and my head was raised up quite a bit.  However, the heat from my head softened the pillow, and the shredded memory foam inside allowed me to move my head and squish into a comfortable position.  The fact that the memory foam isn't solid allows your head to get into the perfect spot for your body.  Over the last week, I've only woken up with a stiff neck once.  I don't blame the pillow for that, as I'm pretty sure it was more the 12 month old laying on top of me, and restricting my movement that caused that problem.

The pillowcase works great.  The stitching seems great.  It's holding up very well to my tossing and turning, squishing, smashing, and rolling about with my pillow all night.  It did start to slip off my pillow a little one night, but it was easily fixed and my pillow slipped right back in.  It's a soft and silky case that is a wonderful addition to my bedroom sheet set.  I'm very happy to have these for my nightly sleep.

If you are interested in the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Kool-Flow Bamboo Cover, you can find it HERE.

The 700 Thread Luxury  Pillow Cases Set by Yorkshire-Mayfair can easily be purchased in many color options HERE.

**I received these free in exchange for my review.**

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