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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rechargeable Batteries from SunLabz

We go through a lot of batteries in our house.  Rechargeable batteries are almost a must now days.  Everything is run on batteries, if it's not a rechargeable toy or product.  Until they come out with toys that are rechargeable by putting in the window and charging up with solar power, I'm using these batteries from SunLabz.

What does SunLabz say about their batteries?

CHOOSE RECHARGEABLE: SunLabz s mission is to provide smart energy solutions that will encourage more people to switch to rechargeable batteries and other Eco-friendly energy sources. In the United States alone, each year 2.9 billion batteries are thrown away with 179,000 Tons of them ending up in Landfills. By taking a small step through switching to rechargeable batteries and recycling old cells we can make a difference together!

MAKE A SMART FINANCIAL CHOICE: Because our cells last longer and can be recharged over and over again you can now save on buying and throwing away expensive single use batteries. With the average US household buying up to 120 batteries a year, costs can quickly accumulate. Removing the dependence on single use cells is not only a smart ecological choice it is also the right financial choice.

GET MORE CHARGE CYCLES: SunLabz s batteries can be recharged 1000x times, this means you are getting more out of each cell and can depend on their quality for any applications from cameras to flashlights, remote controls and more.

It's so much easier and cost effective to by rechargeable batteries.  These are D batteries, but you can get them in any standard battery size.  You get so many uses out of one set of batteries, rather than throwing them away and buying another pack.  You only need a charger (which you can also get with SunLabz).  Put the batteries in the charger, and in an hour or so you have fully charged batteries to use again and again!  No paying for more batteries all the time.  No running to the store.  It's well worth the money.

You can find these D batteries from SunLabz HERE, as well as their other batteries HERE. 

**I received these free in exchange for my review.**

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