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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Perky Jerky Review

I love jerky.  I actually lived on homemade deer jerky for a while when I was pregnant.  I'm not sure what it is about trying new and different jerky brands and flavors.  I think what it all boils down to is that I'm looking for the perfect jerky.  Why I want is tender, juicy, and full of flavor.  However, I still want to taste the meat.  I want it all!

I was able to try out a new brand of jerky today.  It's a brand I've seen on Facebook, and have heard some of my friends talk about.  I finally had the chance to try Perky Jerky.  

I was given the Original flavor of both the beef an turkey jerky to try and review.  Now, most original flavored jerky I've had are pretty basic.  Meat.  A little salt and pepper.  Kind of dry.  Perky Jerky was amazingly different. 

The beef was tender and juicy.  It had a salt and pepper flavor.  It also had a sweetness to it.  The spice mixture was perfect.  

The turkey was a surprise to me.  I had not had turkey jerky before.  I wasn't sure what to except from it.  It was surprisingly more juicy than the beef.  It was a little sticky and actually had some spice to it.  A kick from the pepper that I really liked.  

I'm not exactly sure which meat I liked more.  I wanted to like the beef more.  I love beef. I kept going back I the turkey jerky bag though.  The sweet and slightly spiced kick, with the mild and juicy turkey meat vs the slightly peppery, sweet, and tender beef.  If faced with a choice, I'd really just have to buy both.  That way I could eat both, but I would have a chance when it came to fighting over this with my husband (who ate half of my jerky).  

A little about Perky Jerky, from the people of the company themselves.  

This ultra premium jerky is high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrates, and each serving is less than 100 calories.  It contains no nitrates, no preservatives, and no added MSG.  Of the seven ingredients in its marinade, Guarana is what helps make it tender, adds to the delicious flavor, and gives it a little boost. Perky Jerky is The Action Packed Snack!

Our Story - like most good stories - begins with two Jerks in a ski lodge. After a long, hard night of energy-drink-cocktail-fueled libation, these jerks settled in while the winter storm raged outside.  The next morning they awoke, loaded up their gear, and headed out to the mountain.  Amongst this gear was an open bag of peppered beef jerky, which had, unfortunately become drenched in some of the energy drink that had been carelessly spilled the night before. On the first lift up, it made no difference.  To these jerks, jerky was the only breakfast they needed, altered or not.  Much to their delight, the jerky had retained it's original flavor, but was more tender by the accident.  What's more, as they floated their way down the mountain through bottomless powder, they realized they'd been given an extra boost - the jerky had taken on some of the pep of the energy drink. On the next lift ride up, the greatest innovation in jerky since cracked pepper was born.  Since then, these Jerks developed a very sophisticated process for making Perky Jerky.  The result?  Just the best tasting, most tender jerky around.  The bonus?  Perky Jerky is now the ultimate snack to help you get up the mountain, down the slope, or off on whatever adventure you decide.  

Another great bit of information about Perky Jerky is that a portion of their earnings will be devoted to Muscular Dystrophy and Down Syndrome Research. 

So, the best part?  You can find Perky Jerky online and in select stores.  Both beef and turkey come in several flavors, such as Original, Sweet & Spicy, Teriyaki, and Hot & Bothered. Try it.  Seriously.  You'll never want another brand. 

**I received these in exchange for my review.**

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