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Monday, April 6, 2015

Smooth Viking Beard Balm

I like to smell my husband.  It's one of those quirky things I do.  His scent and softness is so important to me.  When he started growing his beard I stopped snuggling so much because his beard was so stiff and scratchy.  I got the Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner for him to try out in exchange for a review.

As you can see, he uses his beard conditioner.  He has a few, but this one is his go to container.  

It has a nice soft scent of almond oil and what almost smells like a citrus scent.  Maybe lemongrass, or lemon balm.  It's a light smell that I can't pinpoint. 

He brushes it into his beard with his beard brush.  It give his beard a nice sheen and a softness it didn't have.  His beard is no longer scratchy.  It's so soft, like regular hair.  He said his skin isn't itchy anymore either.  It absorbs into his skin and moisturizes his face under his beard.  

I just love Smooth Viking and their beard balms.  If you would like to try some, or get some for the man in your life, you can find it HERE

**I received this in exchange for my review.**

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