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Monday, April 6, 2015

Planning Your Will and More

When I first got married and had kids I didn't think much about my death.  Everyone knows it's going to happen.  We all think it won't be until we are old.  It won't be until our children are grown.  We will have grandchildren.  Maybe even great grandchildren.  We never think that it will happen sooner, rather than later.

I've been thinking on this a little more lately.  I'm only 35.  I do have 9 children to think about.  I need the comfort of knowing my children will be taken care of.  That my house and other matters are set in order.  I like to know that what I want for my funeral plans, organ donation, what charities get what, and details about my 'after party' are known. 

I was able to try www.uslegalwills.com and I love what I saw.


I had no idea where to start on my own. US Legal Wills makes the process very easy to use. It asks you questions. You pick the answer.  You can elaborate more by writing more of what you desire.  When finished, you print it out and sign it in front of 2 adult witnesses and/or notery public.  It's that easy!

You can decide what percentage goes to which person/charity. You can elaborate on what type of casket you want, what clothing you want to wear, what jewelry to have on, and your hairstyle.  Things that make decisions long much easier for those making the arrangements (which you can also appoint who you want to be in charge of). 

There are so many options of what you can buy on the site.  You don't have to purchase everything.  Only the options you are wanting.
This very simple process is something that can take as little as an hour to start and finish, if you know everything you want to do.  You can save it and add on later to the undecided portions.  

This not only give you peace of mind, but makes everything run much more smoothly for your family.  It's a stressful enough time without them needing to decide every little detail.  

I would highly suggest everyone get their affairs in order, as we never know when we will be gone.  Go to www.uslegalwills.com and start yours today.  

**I received this in exchange for my review.**


  1. This is a neat site. My husband and I have four children two are ours 2 are from previous relationships. I would def. check this out to see how it would benefit one of us if I were to pass and he would need to be a part of my other son's life (I have a 17 yr old with special needs right now and another son that is 14).

  2. This is really great information. In the pregnancy app there are so many recommendations to get life insurance and create a will. It's hard to do those things because they feel do negative/sad, although I know it's probably necessary in case something does happen. I don't even know where to start! Thanks for posting