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Monday, April 20, 2015

My New 8 Cup French Press

I love trying coffee and I love trying out different French Presses.  I was able to try out a new 8 cup French Press from Bruntmore. 

I pulled the French Press from the box and checked it over.  

The glass is thick.  This is great, a my last glass French Press lasted about 4 days before the glass broke.  The metal surrounding the glass is sturdy and strong.  The handle is comfortable and angled away from the press, so there's much less likelyhood of touching your hand on the glass when hot.  

The lid and plunger piece is a little less strong.  I noticed the metal on the plunger bottom was a bit wavy, but not bad.  

I started my coffee by filling it with my freshly ground coffee.  

I added my hot water and stirred it. 

When I put the lid on it seemed to jam or a moment.  I had to wiggle it back out and it kin of jammed I to the lid.  I carefully put the lid and plunger back in.  I let it sit 4 minutes and pushed the plunger down.  The plunger went down easily.   

I poured my coffee, added sugar and cream, and had a nice after lunch coffee. 

**I received this in exchange for my review.**

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