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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Comfortable and Breezy Harem Pants

I saw these Harem Pants and I was enamored.  I really wanted a pair, and I wasn't disappointed when I first put them on.  These are great pants for anything from going out to lounging around at home.  I love the design and think these are just awesome.  

These are my comfortable pants. The waist is a wide elastic.  It doesn't dig into you like jeans.  It also supports your tummy.  

I'm on the shorter side.  I'm 5'4" and most pants re way too long for me.  When I pulled these pants out of the box, I was worried because they were long.  I was so happy to see the elastic at the ankle as well.  They allow the pants to have some room and stay baggy.  The elastic holds it in place to prevent it from being too long. 

These pants are really great an comfortable.  I wear them quite often.  One little feature I love is the pocket on the right.  It's just big enough for my iphone.  A big bonus.  

They do wrinkle pretty easy.  It's just the nature of the fabric.  I hate to iron, so I just toss them in the dryer for a minute or two and they are wrinkle free.  

You can find all kinds of styles by going HERE.  Check them out and see what you think.  

**I received this in exchange for my review.**

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