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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cleaning the kitchen

Everyone has to clean their kitchen.  If it's used then it gets dirty.  My kitchen needs a good scrubbing almost daily.  I decide to give these scouring pads a try. 

This is a great deal for a 10 pack of nice scouring pads. When they arrived I first noticed that they felt tough enough to do any job I had at hand. My kids, strange enough, wanted to try them out. So, I put them to work. If I would have know buying scouring pads would get them cleaning I would have bought them earlier. 

They have done well so far. I've had my stove and counters scrubbed. They held up to my dishes. My daughter also found that putting the scouring pad over the drain worked as a filter to catch all the food particles that shouldn't go down the drain. I'm happy I was able to try these in exchange for a review. They are working out well for my household needs.  You can find these for $9.95 on Amazon by clicking HERE

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