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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

'Family' Vinyl Wall Decal

Just before my 17th anniversary this year we closed on our house.  It's my dream house.  It was built in 1908 and is 3000 square feet.  I have so many ideas for this house.  When I was able to get a vinyl wall decal from Bobee that said Family I was just so happy!  I know exactly where I wanted this.  It's going in my hall and will have all 9 of my children's pictures, plus our family picture around it.

Unfortunately we hit a speed bump with this fun little project.  You see, the house was built in 1908.  It was empty for a couple years.  It's needing a little renovation that we weren't expecting.  I was so sad, because I can't wait to put it up.  What I plan to do is tell you all about the decal.  Then, when I get to move in, I am going to do another post with my unveiling.  I can't wait!!!

Bobee has several vinyl wall decals you can choose from.  Family is so important to me, and I love that I get to use this decal.  

I'll start off with telling you about Bobee Wall Decals. 

The 'Family' decal is 22 inches by 10 inches.  It is an excellent addition for your wall to put family pictures around.  They are easy to remove up to 2 years after application.  They are safe for painted walls, glass, and furniture. 

They are supposed to be very easy to apply.  Make sure your wall is clean and dry.  Peal the backing off and press the decal to the place you want it to go.  Make sure it is level and right where you want it.  Then peel off the paper and you're done. 

I am so excited to get my second blog post on here with the final results, once my house is ready. 

If you would love to check out Bobee, you can find their website HERE, or find the 'Family' decal on Amazon HERE.  They also have video tutorials on how to apply their vinyl wall decals HERE.

**I received this in exchange for my review.**


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  1. I am in process of hanging drywall but once finished, would like something like this for my walls