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Monday, March 30, 2015

Sweet and Spicy Paprika

There are always fun ways to spruce up dinner.  Add a little spice.  Add a little flavor.  I love to try new flavors.  Sometimes, however, new flavors can come from an old favorite.

I am a fan I paprika.  It has a pretty mild taste, but it goes well with so many foods.  Chicken and Pork are two that I love paprika on.  

Kiva has 2 different kinds of paprika that have a great flavor.  Kiva's Hot Smoked Spanish Paprika and Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika. 

The Hot Smoked Paprika has a good amount of heat.  It's not super spicy, but has a nice smokey kick to it.  

The Sweet Paprkia has a nice flavor of smokey sweet paprika that you would expect from the name.  

Both have a smoked taste that is wonderful for any food or rub that you would like to add some smoked flavor too.  The smokey flavor is strong enough that I would not use these if you don't want a smokey flavor in your food.   

I made a batch of our barbecue sauce with these paprika seasonings.  I love giving them that extra smokey flavor, and give the choice of spicy or mild.  

These are also wonderful to add to rubs or to sprinkle onto your foods before cooking.  I thought this was a great addition to baked chicken and to our pork ribs. 

If you are interested in tryin these out for yourself, you can buy them HERE

**I received these in exchange for my review.**

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