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Friday, March 20, 2015

Soft lunch boxes for the kids.

Yes, we homeschool.  Sometimes the kids still need a lunchbox.  They go on field trips, to the park, or just want a fun way to have their lunch packed just for them.

I was able to try the Hango Lunch Bags.  These are two bags.  One is bigger, and one is smaller and is perfect for a smaller child.  

They are insulated and do a great job of keeping foods cool for a longer time.  It is still a good idea to keep an ice pack to make sure the foods stay at a safe temperature.  

When I first got my bags they had a very strong chemical odor. I wiped them off and wiped out the inside with a vinegar/water solution and left them open for a few days and it got a little better.  I did message the company and they were very quick to let me know they would be sending new bags, as the odor isn't normal.

These are nice lunch bags.  The zipper is easy to use.  The lining seems sturdy. 

The smaller bag would be good for a small child.  One that doesn't need too much.  I was able to fit a bagel sandwich, bag of trail mix, and a clementine.  It would also fit a small bottle of water (not a full sized). 

The larger bag I got a full sized 20 oz drink, bagel sandwich, bag of trail mix, bag of peanuts, snack bag of chips, and a clementine. 

Both I could have put another smaller item in if I wanted to pack it without a cool pack. 

I think these bags are nice.  The smell was a little off putting, but I'm so happy that Hango was quick to send out new bags for my kids.  I just don't want the smell to get into their foods.

You can find these on Amazon HERE

**I received these in exchange for my review.**

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