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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Legend Rash Guards Compression Shirt

As a beginner in running, or exercise in general, I am new to the world of compression clothes.  I wasn't one that understood why someone would want their clothes to compress them.  What is so special about Legend Rash Guards compression shirts?

"Legend MMA Rash Guard Compression Shirt will Increase workout effectiveness by offering unbelievable Flexibility, Comfort and Moisture Management with our high quality functional materials design. Designed for Athletes and Warriors of all levels, this workout shirt is an essential Game Changer to your Martial Arts Training!"

According to Men's Health:
"The scientists suggest that the compression design of these garments reduces bloodflow to the muscles in a way that may stimulate hormonal and neural pathways involved in building strength."

My husband has been fortunate enough to benefit from this review.  We have been running and training for our 5K together.  He has been very happy with the Legend Rash Guards compression shirt.  We both feel like it has really helped his performance.  Such as today, when I was left in the dust. 

His Rash Guards shirt is one tht fits tight. He got it for compression, and he did get it a little small.  He refuses to model it for my review.  He's camera shy.  I was still able to get a picture.  It's just missing my bearded man.  

It's sewn great.  The stitching is even and strong.  The material is thicker than many other brands.  It dies exactly what it's supposed to do.  We both feel it's a great shirt for any exercise or sport.  

If you are interested in the Legend Rash Guards shirt, click HERE to go to their Amazon shop. 

**I received this in exchange for my review.**


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