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Monday, March 30, 2015

Sweet and Spicy Paprika

There are always fun ways to spruce up dinner.  Add a little spice.  Add a little flavor.  I love to try new flavors.  Sometimes, however, new flavors can come from an old favorite.

I am a fan I paprika.  It has a pretty mild taste, but it goes well with so many foods.  Chicken and Pork are two that I love paprika on.  

Kiva has 2 different kinds of paprika that have a great flavor.  Kiva's Hot Smoked Spanish Paprika and Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika. 

The Hot Smoked Paprika has a good amount of heat.  It's not super spicy, but has a nice smokey kick to it.  

The Sweet Paprkia has a nice flavor of smokey sweet paprika that you would expect from the name.  

Both have a smoked taste that is wonderful for any food or rub that you would like to add some smoked flavor too.  The smokey flavor is strong enough that I would not use these if you don't want a smokey flavor in your food.   

I made a batch of our barbecue sauce with these paprika seasonings.  I love giving them that extra smokey flavor, and give the choice of spicy or mild.  

These are also wonderful to add to rubs or to sprinkle onto your foods before cooking.  I thought this was a great addition to baked chicken and to our pork ribs. 

If you are interested in tryin these out for yourself, you can buy them HERE

**I received these in exchange for my review.**

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wireless Bluetooth Headset

I am really impressed with this Wireless Bluetooth Headset by Phaiser. As soon as I got it I started charging my headset. Once it was done charging I couldn't wait to try it out.

It's really comfortable. It's a soft pliable plastic that fits around the back of the neck really well. At one point I was afraid I had set it down somewhere the kids could get it, but then I realized I was wearing it still. I just wasn't using it.

I love the quality of the audio. It's well beyond the quality of my Apple earbuds. I also appreciate that they are noise canceling. I have 9 kids, and I was able to hear my music and movies perfectly. I also had my daughter use them. I couldn't hear the music she was listening to.

Although I haven't used the phone on them, I'dove that I have that option.

It has magnetic holders on the ends for the earbuds when not in use. This is great when running and I only want to use one earbud.

The only thing I dislike is that the audio seems really loud. Even on the very lowest setting it's loud. I would like to be able to listen to it without feeling like at it's lowest setting it's at the top of my audio on my old earbuds.

This is just wonderful to use around the house, as well as when I go running.

You can find it HERE on Amazon. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Cozy Bungalow's Wine Bottle Opener and Vacuum Stopper + Giveaway

There are times when you really need a good corkscrew for your wine bottle.  I have tried a few different openers.  I've had my share of destroyed corks and even the one cork pushed into the bottle.  It was fantastic.  Not really, actually.  Then, there is always the problem of what to do with the bottle after the cork is out.  What if I don't want to drink the entire bottle?

I was able to try The Cozy Bungalow Corkscrew and Vacuum Wine Stopper.  

This is actually very easy to use.  I'll walk you through with my pictures.  We shall start with the wine bottle. 

You put the tip of the corkscrew into the middle of the cork, and you start to twist.

As the corkscrew goes in, the arms will raise up.

Once you get to the top of the corkscrew, you push the arms down.  As they go down, they will raise up the corkscrew and pull out the cork.  You can see that I was a little crooked at first, but as I got to the end it straightened itself out.

Then, you get to the vacuum stopper.  This is a great way to keep your wine fresh.  Nobody wants their wine to turn to vinegar.  You put the stopper in, and push it down with appropriate force.  You want it in the bottle, but don't push it beyond where it will go. 

You then start to pump the stopper.  Pump 40 times for 3/4 full bottle.  Pump 60 times for 1/2 full bottle.  Pump 80 times for 1/4 full bottle.  As you pump you will smell the wine, as it pumps the excess air from the inside of the bottle.

Then you are done.

You will only want to hand wash and air or towel dry your corkscrew and pump.  Don't put them in the dishwasher.
If you would love to get this set, you can find them HERE.
Cozy Bungalow is offering ONE follow a set of their own! This is a flash giveaway and will end tomorrow! Good Luck!

**I received this in exchange for my review.**

6000 Piece Loom Band Set

This is one great way to keep kids occupied for hours!  My kids love crafts.  It's a fun way to let them go and use their imagination all on their own.  The loom band set lets them make their own band jewelry with the colors, designs, and size they want.  This set has 6000 pieces, so there is more than enough for everyone in a family, for a party, or just to make over a period of time.  There are also 10 different colors of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, White, Turquoise, and Orange, so there is plenty of variety for both boys and girls.  It also has 200 clips for each bracelet or necklace.

My kids had a huge blast with these.  We are in the process of moving, so our hooks for making the jewelry is packed away at our new house.  However, my 10 year old daughter sat down and showed the little kids how to do it by hand.   They were quickly putting together their very own bracelets all by hand.

This is a great set of bands to refill any loom kit.  It is compatible with all kits, and it even comes with an e-book with over 50 designs of charms and bracelets. 
If you are needing replacement bands for your loom band kits, you can find them HERE.

**I received this in exchange for my review.**

Relaxing With My Buddha Board

There are a few ways I can find to relax.  During the day, when there is noise, distractions, and no escape, I like to sing.  Music is one of my ways to refocus.

Another way is self hypnosis.  I first learned about this when pregnant and using Hypnobirthing to focus on relaxing during labor and birth. I still put on meditation music at night and fall asleep to it.  

Another way to relax is through art.  A great art piece I've used is The Original Buddha Board.  

The Buddha Board is a very easy relaxation piece. It's very easy to use, and virtually no mess. 

It's a water reactive board. It has a paint brush and a water tray. It also have a drip tray (not pictured). 

You simply fill the water tray with room temperature water and out the board on top in it's notch.  You can put clean smooth stones or marbles in the water tray for decoration.  Make sure they are clean so your board doesn't get dirty. 

When everything is ready I like to have it on a low table and sit on a pillow on the floor.  I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths.  I then open my eyes and start to paint.  It quickly dries within a minute or two.  Then you can start over with a new picture.  

These are the pictures of when I was first trying it out.  I don't like to interrupt my meditative time. 

You can see how it started to evaporate before I got the picture.  The water also drops back down.  Once finished I like to wipe the board bottom. You don't want the board to remain wet.  This just helps dry it instead of letting the water droplets sit on it. 

It's a great way to paint your worries away.  If you are wanting a Buddha Board you can get one HERE

**I received this in exchange for my review.**

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Slow Cooker Recipes E-Book

I am a huge fan of the slow cooker.  I love anything that will give me slow cooker recipes.  One book I have been reading through is the Slow Cooker Recipes for Beginners e-book.  I have been reading through this book and can't wait to slowly pick my way through each recipe.

There are so many great recipes from Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms, Jalapeno Chicken, Spiced Eggplant, Ratatouille, and Cinnamon Apples. 

This has 55 recipes (6 chapters) of a variety of slow cooker recipes.  This is a wonderful variety of recipes.  Many of these are recipes I wouldn't have thought about doing in my slow cooker.  These are great for family meals, as well as pot lucks and friendly get togethers.

This is a great e-book that contains so many great ideas for your slow cooker meals.  If you would like to get it, you can find it HERE on Amazon.

**I received this in exchange for my review.**

My Favorite Water Bottles

I have finally found my favorite water bottles. I have been through several water bottles over the years. I don't like to drink from the aluminum water bottles for health reasons. I really prefer the stainless steel, but I also have a hard time actually drinking straight from the bottle.  I usually drink with a straw.  At home, I will drink my water from my stainless steel straws out of a glass jar.  I wanted a water bottle that provided all my drinking needs. 
Then I found the 20-Ounce Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottles.  You actually get 2 water bottles.  They are stainless steel, insulated, and they have a built in straw.

These are officially my favorite water bottles. I have even set my jar and straws to the side.  I can drink my water at home without fear of my kids sprinkling dust and sticking fingers into my water.  It is sealed tight from scary kid sprinkles.  It also lets me drink easily with my straw.

I have found one flaw that seems to be pretty common with water bottles with straws.  If it tips over, it will leak.  I found this out when I put it in my diaper bag.  The bag got knocked over and my bottle slowly emptied out into all my cloth diapers I had packed.  Ahhhh!  Thankfully they dried, and no harm was done.  It was a good learning lesson. 

I also discovered a little something else as I drank from it.  It does have a little air intake hole on the top.  However, I can't close the lid tight.  Otherwise I can't drink easily from the bottle.  I will fill my bottles, tighten the lid, then loosen it just a little.  That seems to prevent a vapor lock (of sorts).  It happens with both bottles, so I assume it's a normal situation.

I also think it's a great idea to clean it with a vinegar rinse once a week just to prevent any bacteria growth.  Things can grow in a wet environment.  Especially as the weather starts to get warm.

I really like these, and they are awesome bottles.  If you are wanting to get them, you can find them HERE on Amazon.

**I received these in exchange for my review.**

Mr and Mrs Tea Infuser

I love a good cup of tea.  Almost all of my tea I drink is herbal, and it's bought in bulk as loose leaf.  Usually you'll find me drinking Red Raspberry Leaf and Alfalfa blend.  However, I will occasionally delve into a cup of Chai or Earl Gray tea.  I have had my ups and downs with my tea infusers.  I recently came into a review for a fun looking infuser couple.  Mr and Mrs Tea Infuser.

The Mr and Mrs Tea infuser is a cute way to steep any cup of tea. I love that they have these cute bodies that relax in your cup. It's like they are enjoying a nice soak in a hot tub.

 The legs come off easy enough that you can fill them with loose leaf tea. However, it hangs on so it doesn't fall apart in your mug. The holes are a good size to allow the water into the tea leaves and gives a good steep. 

 Make sure you don't over pack the tea leaves, or the water will have a hard time penetrating. Leave it loose in there. You also want to fill your mug up higher with water, as I found that the people sit a little high. It's a really, really cute way to make tea. This is a great item that would be fun for a gift, or just for a couple who likes to drink tea together.

If you would love to give Mr and Mrs Tea a try, or would love to give it to someone as a gift, you can find them HERE on Amazon.

**I received these in exchange for my review.**

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Year Without Food - Book Review

I love when I get the chance to read.  Book reviews are fun because I have a good excuse to sit down and read something.

As I went into this book I wasn't sure what to expect.  As I began reading, my interested grew. 

I had heard of Sun Gazers.  It is something that interested me at one point.  I loved food too much to think it anything I'd like to try.  I had never heard of Breatharians.  I found his way of life amazing.  From his journey through his first few weeks, to his test on tv.  

I am intrigued by this.  I am excited to learn more. I'd love to try this, but I'm nursing and I know I can't do it yet.  It is a way of life I want to study out, and hope to ease into.  

If you would like to learn more about the life of a Breatharian, check this book out on Amazon HERE.  it's very interesting.  

**I received this in exchange for my review.**

Chocolate Cupcakes

A fun day for the family!  Once in a while we make a dessert. This time it was cupcakes.  I was able to try out the Silicone Cupcake Liners by Home Complete.

It's a 24 pack of silicone liners.  They come with a rainbow of vibrant colors.  My kids loved these liners!  They got to help scoop the batter into each cupcake liner. They were able to easily keep track of which cupcake was theirs by the color.  

Once the cupcakese were done they easily peeled out of the liner.  I immediately soak them in water to make it easier to clean up.  Everything is easier to clean when soaked.  

The best part is they are reusable.  After washing them I make sure they're completely dry, stack them together, but them in a container, and store them for their next use. The only thing I wish they would have come with was a storage container.  It came in a plastic bag, so I just use my own plastic container. The liners themselves are great.  

If you're interested in these, check them out HERE.  

**I received these in exchange for my review.**

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Solar Powered LED Lights

There are always places that need a light, but you don't have wiring or a plug.  I know I have run into this problem quite often.  Our temporary house has a lot of issues with the wiring.  I was thrilled when I was able to try out the LED Solar Light from Gr8goodz.

It's a small light.  Before I put it up I took a picture.  You can see the size.  

The white part is the light.  The other side that is darker is the solar panel.  It's easy to install.  You want to make sure that the solar panel has sunlight access or the battery won't charge.  Just put a screw into the location you desire light.  You can easily slide the light onto the screw with the hole in the back. 

You can then secure it by outing a screw in the hole on top. 

You will want to use the little pin in the box to push the lever in the light to turn it on.  You only need to do this once, unless it remains uncharged for 3 months.  Make sure to keep the pin just in case you need it down the road. 
(The light turned on when I flipped it against my leg.  It thought it was dark outside.)

I'll admit that I was thoroughly surprised at how bright the light is!  It's very bright. It's motion activated, so once something is in range the bright light setting kicks on.  When there is no motion after dark, it keeps a dim light until the dawn.  

Another thing I like about this light is that even though it's for outside, with the small size you can easily turn this into an indoor light.  As long as the solar panel has direct sunlight by placing it in front of a window, you can use it I an area that might not get used often enough to warrant wiring for lights.  

This is a really awesome light.  If you're interested in checking it out, you can find more information HERE. 

**I received this in exchange for my review.**