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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Foam Roller For Trigger Point Therapy

On any given day I'm going to have a variety of pain and sore muscles.  Some days it's from exercise.  Every day I have one pain that I've learned to deal with. I had an epidural with my first 3 children.  My 2nd and 3rd children the epidural hurt my back.  I wasn't able to arch my back at all for the first year after both children.  13 and almost 11 years later, I still have a lot of lower back pain.  It gets better with some exercise.  I no longer cry out when rolling over in bed.  I still have a lot of trouble lifting my right leg when laying on my back.

I've recently found something that really has helped my back. It's a huge help for me.  The Foam Roller from GR8 Goodz is a recent addition to my exercise and health items. 

It is one of those items that is great because it's hard enough to get the job done well, yet has just enough give to make it feel good.  
My biggest trigger points are my calves, quads, and my lower back.  It's easy to use.  Put it on the point you need to work, and slowly move in one direction to massage that area. Try to relax your muscles as you do this. 

With my lower back, sometimes I'll just let it push for a moment on that spot to stretch it for a moment. Then slowly roll in one direction.  Oh!  My back has been feeling so much better!  This is especially great after I do my yoga (as I had done in these pictures).  

There are so many ways to use the foam roller.  A few are pictured here. 

A few notes from GR8 Goodz:


These steps promote safety and effectiveness, if followed correctly. Massage any given trigger point no more than 15-20 seconds and then move one. The purpose is to allow the body to promote healing.
Impatience or too much pressure is counterproductive and causes more pain.


  1. Use deep stroking massage, not static pressure.
  2. Massage with short, repeated strokes.
  3. Do the massage stroke in one direction only.
  4. Do the massage stroke slowly.
  5. Use a foam roller or ball on large muscles, if possible, and save your hands.
  6. Aim at a pain level of five to seven on a one to ten scale.
  7. Limit massage to six to twelve strokes per trigger point.
  8. Work trigger point three to six times per day.
  9. If you get no relief, you may be working on the wrong spot. 

This has been such a relief for me.  I'm able to get relief when my back starts to hurt.  I really do love the foam roller.  

If you want to look into the Foam Roller from GR8 Goodz, you can find more information HERE

**I received this in exchange for my review.**


  1. This may be something great for my Mom who also has many back issues. She will even pay the grandchildren to rub her back when it gets really bad.