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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

My morning coffee is somewhat of a necessity.  It gets me moving in the morning, and gives me enough brain power to get the jump start I need for breakfast, lunch, homeschooling, cleaning, dinner, and everything else I need to do during the day.  

The necessities for my coffee: 
A good coffee bean
A cup

Thankfully I have all 3 of those.  I have my Subtle Earth Organic Coffee.  It is a Honduran Marcala medium-dark roast.  It has a delicious bold and smooth milk chocolate flavor, including times of honey, caramel, and cocoathat I just absolutely love.  The smell is just the most amazing.  I love to just pick up the bag and breathe in.  I have a weakness for the smell of coffee.  The beans are a beautiful, glistening black/brown.  Fresh roasted and great oil content.  It is a great pick me up in the morning.  It is also certified organic by CCOF.  

My MIRA Coffee Press is a perfect size for one person.  It holds 12oz of water, which is the perfect amount for me. It is a heavy duty stainless steel.  If you saw my post a few months ago about my ceramic French Press, you will know how perfect this is for me. It is virtually unbreakable.  My favorite part about this press is that it is insulated. I forgot about it doing so well at keeping my coffee hot.  On my second cup, I took a quick drink.  Surprise!  It was still just as hot as the first!  Oops!  

Last, my cute Espresso Cup & Saucer from Francois et Mimi.  This came in a set of 4.  It is so perfect for a small cup of coffee. To just sit and enjoy your morning.  These are a beautiful white color.  They are lead free, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. They are a good fit for your hand, and make my morning feel a little more elegant. 

Here is how I make my perfect cup of coffee.  

Grind 3-4 Tbsp Subtle Earth Organic Coffee Beans to a course grind. 
Add coffee grounds to the MIRA coffee press

Boil 12oz water and add it to the MIRA coffee press.  Stir and put lid on.  Do not depress plunger. Just gently set it on to cover the coffee. Set timer for 4 minutes. 
I will stir once every minute.  
After the 4 minutes is up, gently press the plunger down, and then pour the coffee into the Francois et Mimi cup

Add a little sugar and cream. 

Enjoy your morning (or afternoon) coffee. 

If you would like to find purchase any of these, you can find them at the links below. 

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee:
MIRA Coffee Press:
Francois et Mimi Porcelain Espresso Set:

**I received the coffee, coffee press, and cup & saucer set in exchange for my review.  All opinions expressed are my own.**

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  1. Wow, this does sound great and looks good too. Now I am in the mood for coffee and usually don't have it in the afternoon.