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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Great Beard Oil Brush For Your Bearded Man

If you know a man with a beard, read on. CanYouHandlebar has a great beard brush for the hairy men in your life.

This brush came just in time to use with the liquid beard oil and beard dry oil.  It's somewhat soft bristled so it gently brushes the oils through the beard hair.  The bush base is wood and bristles are made of horse hair.  The natural bristles are so much better for hair than synthetic materials.  

My husband has a small stash of his beard care items, and has really lived how nice his beard is looking.  He will put a little bit of oil on and then brush it into his beard.  It leaves a nice shine, and a great scent when using the scented oils.  The brush gently massages his skin, allowing the oils to soak in and penetrate his chin and cheeks to moisturize his skin as well as his beard.  

If you would like a beard brush for your bearded man for a gift (Father's Day is really not too far away), you can find it HERE

**I received this in exchange for my review.**

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  1. My cousin needs this, he is growing his and it is pretty darn long now