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Friday, January 30, 2015

What Are Your Uses For Lavender Oil?

I love lavender essential oil.  It's my most commonly used oil in my house.  It smells amazing, it is antibacterial, and it is great for burns.  Yep.  I use mine for burns.  I was so thankful I had my bottle from Applejack Life this week.

The very first use I had for this bottle was a burn. I was being careless as I cooked and I knocked my wrist inside my hot oven. I put ice on the burn immediately, but this summer I learned a little trick.

After I cooled it for a minute I ran the dropper of lavender oil across the burn. It immediately takes the burn away.  I did this each time the spot started to burn. After an hour it no longer hurt. No blisters or pain.  This is a few days later.  

THIS is why I love lavender oil. It can be used neat (no carrier oils) and for minor burns.  

What else do I use lavender oil for?  I love to put it in my oil burner diluted with water.  Just a few drops heated will make my house smell lovely. I'll add 3-5 drops in my cloth diaper laundry during the rinse cycle.  It is great for killing the diaper smell.  

What do you use your lavender oil for?

I received this in exchange for my review.

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