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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Salt and Pepper All Together

I use fresh ground pepper in all my cooking.  I only have a little pre-ground pepper in tiny containers for emergency use.  My biggest problem is that my grinders are the ones you buy that are pre-filled and disposable.

For anyone that has used one of those, you know they are cheap quality because they are going into the trash anyway.  Unfortunately, they usually last to the halfway point.  Sometimes they stop grinding.  Other times they just fall apart. 

I was able to try out the 2-In-1 Salt and Pepper Grinder from Kuisiware.  It's a pretty stainless steel with a clear plastic.  There are two sides.  One is for pepper corns.  The other is for the sea salt rocks.  

The grinder ends come off and you are easily able to refill the salt or pepper. 

The grinder settings are easy to adjust to determine what size of grind you want.  

It has worked great for me over the last month of use.  At first I thought the grinder was plastic, and I was disappointed.  I then discovered that it was made of ceramic, and was thrilled to discover it was a high quality grinder, compared to those who use the cheap plastic that wears out quickly. 

I really do like my 2-In-1 Salt and Pepper grinder.  It gets daily use and is holding up well.  

If you are wanting to buy this grinder from Kuisiware, check them out HERE on Amazon. 

**I received this in exchange for my review.**

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