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Sunday, January 11, 2015

First Attempt At Macarons + Macaron Baking Mat Giveaway

I've actually never eaten a macaron.  I feel like I have been shorted somewhere in life with this knowledge.  When I was given the opportunity to review the Silicone Baking Mat for Macarons by The Simple Baker, I was thrilled.  My 13 year old daughter was even more thrilled.  If she can find an excuse to bake cookies then she will do it.

The Silicone Baking Mat is really nice!  It has the macaron size for you to pipe the mixture so there's no guesswork.

My first problem was that I didn't have almond flour.  I remedied that by making it myself.  

Almonds + coffee grinder = almond flour

I then had no idea what to do.  To remedy this problem, I found a recipe that also included the word "Easy". Following the recipe on this site (https://www.howtocookthat.net/public_html/easy-macaron-macaroon-recipe/) we went to work sifting the almond flour and powdered sugar, making stuff peaked with the egg whites, coloring it purple, and then folding it all together. 

Then preparing it to pipe into the baking mat. 

As stated before, I didn't know what I was doing, so the first attempt was ugly.  We ate it straight from the oven.  Each batch seemed to get better than the previous.  I was happy.  We got some really nice cookies. 

This silicone baking mat made this so very easy for us!  We knew what size to make each cookie.  We were able to easily get the cookies off the mat.  As you can see from my first batch, I had already taken some off the mat.  Some did stick a little, but I never lost a cookie. 

Here's the best part!  You can find The Simple Baker on Amazon HERE and buy a mat of your own.  You can also enter below to WIN your own Silicone Baking Mat for Macarons!  Enter below and please check out my other posts.  

**I received this baking may in exchange for my review.**


  1. Seeing they only have 2 items listed, I'll say the baking cups.

    1. The baking cups are great. I'm doing a review very soon for those.

  2. I think my favorite item would be the silicone baking cups. I would really have alot of use for them!