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Monday, January 5, 2015

Decorative 10" Rice Paper Lanterns

Sometimes you really want a different and unique approach to your party and get together.  These white rice paper lanterns are just the thing to add a bit of fun flair!

I had never seen these rice paper lanterns before, but found them a great idea for decorative pieces.  I had no idea all the ways you can use these lanterns!  As I read through the free e-book you get with the purchase of the lanterns, I was amazed!

From winter wedding decorations...
Valentine's Day surprises...

And fun winter crafts...

They are really easy to put together.  They come with a metal piece for each one.  Just push it in and you're done!  

Just make sure you put it in the correct direction or it will poke a hole in the rice paper. Yeah, I did that.  It was ok though.  I flipped the metal piece around and it was fine.  Just a little hole you couldn't see.  They can also be taken apart, flattened out, and stored away for another day!

These are so fun for kids and adults of all ages.  Check them out HERE on Amazon and get started with your own party decorations and fun crafts today!

Don't forget to download your FREE e-book from the link below for more great ideas.  You also get a 50% off code for your Amazon purchase.  

Link to eBook for DIY White Lanterns:

50% off code:  

**I received this in exchange for my honest review.**

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