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Monday, January 5, 2015

DDP Yoga - Before Pictures

This program is killer.  I have really been loving it.  I was planning on starting it up a could months ago.  Unfortunately, every computer died within a couple days after a Windows update, so I couldn't play it on anything.  

We have our computer up and going, and I've been doing mostly Red Hot Core on disc 1 (the beginner disc).  Today I decided to do Fat Burner.  Instead of 12 minutes, it's about 25.  What a difference it makes.  I can't wait to show the difference in a month or two.  

I'll go ahead and post my now pictures. Maybe it will motivate me.  Maybe I can inspire others.  

Sigh... I gained some weight the last couple months.  I had to stop running in October due to hurting my foot.  Now I'm starting over.  What matters is that I am STARTING!   I'm not going backwards anymore.  I'm moving forward.  

I'll keep you updated on my progress.  

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