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Thursday, January 8, 2015

ABC Flashcards E-Book

"A is for Apple...D is for Doggie...U is for Underwear! The ABCs burst brilliantly on to the page in this alphabet flash card book by blogger Secret Agent Josephine, a.k.a. Brenda Ponnay. 

Children will delight in the colorful illustrations and simple text. Based on flashcards developed for her blog readers, this ABC book has been featured on Alpha Mom, The Pioneer Woman and many more!"
There are so many things I have bought over the years for my children.  I have homeschooled my 9 children from day 1. Over those years, I have bought numerous flashcard sets.  Over time they wear out, some get lost, or in my case eaten by a younger child.  
I have found a super cute little ABC Flashcards e-book by Brenda Ponnay. It comes formatted for the Kindle, iPad, or in a PDF.  Just download it, or open it on your electronic device, and go!
It has the most adorable pictures to go with each letter.  

My little kids just love this.  They will flip through the flashcards and love to say the letter and practice the sounds each letter makes.  

If you are interested in buying the ABC Flashcards e-book, click HERE to find it on Amazon. 

**I received this in exchange for my review.**

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