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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Great General Work Glove

My husband works in the construction industry. He loves using thin gloves, but dislikes how fast the brand he was using would wear out for the price you pay ($7-10).  Most of his work gloves last about half a job, almost never beyond a job. 

He was happy to try out the NiTex P-200 work gloves.  Although he could have used the P-12 gloves for the high visibility since he misplaced things at times, I chose the black ones because I knew they would be a good neutral color.  

These gloves are really nice. They are thin enough that he can use them and feel what he's doing.  He can still grab nails and screws.  He is able to use his tools and write down measurements while wearing his gloves.  They are strong enough that he doesn't get scratched, scraped, or splinters.  He can carry heavy and awkward items easier than with bare hands.  

He loves these gloves.  The size Large fit his hands perfectly.  He also loves the price.  When we need a replacement pair, they are an amazingly affordable price of $3.49. 

From Nitex Gloves:
"Believe us when we say that the NiTex P-200 is the best overall work glove on the market today. Its tight fit provides the tactile sensitivity needed for even the most delicate of tasks while it's revolutionary nitrile-foam coating provides breathbility and long-lasting grip.

It's the gloveof choice for all general workers including but not limited to: plumbers, electricians, warehouse employees, construction workers, USPS employees, HVAC workers, and so on.

Need a P-200 but also need to make sure you stay visible? Get a pair of NiTex P-12's and get all the benefits of having a P-200 with the added visibility.

Common applications: the P-200 and P-12 are great general work gloves and have been used in construction, manufacturing, electrical, HVAc, plumbing, automotive, engineering and even quilting. Use them for anything, as long as it is not a high-heat situation."

You can find these gloves at:

NiTex P-200 Review: http://www.nitexgloves.com/shop-2/nitexp-200bk

NiTex P-12 Review: http://www.nitexgloves.com/shop-2/the-nitex-p-12

**I received this in exchange for my review.**

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