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Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Like New" Clothing - My Online Shopping Experience

I rarely ever get stuff for myself.  When I get the chance I usually end up getting something for the kids instead.  When I had the opportunity to buy $25 worth of clothes from http://www.perfectthreads.ca I was thrilled to get something for myself.  I have always loved buying gently used clothes.  They are still in amazing condition, but you can generally get them for a much lower price than retail.  I was not let down. 

I made my way through the women's clothing, adding stuff to my wish list. Then I made my way to the kids clothes.  My daughter was getting ready to turn 13.  My son was about to turn 8.  I looked over a few things. Added them to my wish list.  I then went in and started weeding through what I really wanted.  I decided that although I could get the kids something, they have tons of clothes.  I deserved a gift.  Just once I was going to get myself something nice.  So, I did.  

I was able to get 2 tops and a long cardigan for just under $30. 

Less than a week later I had a package at my door!  I was so excited!  I ripped into my package and tried them on.  I love them!!!  It's what I had hoped for.  

Sorry the pictures are a little dark.  I plan to fit a little better in the white shirt very soon.  Getting back into my exercise routine.  

There are so many great items online for amazing deals.  They also offer Free Shipping for orders over $50, and ship to anywhere in the continental United States or to any Canadian province.  Check them out today at http://www.perfectthreads.ca. 

**I received this in exchange for my unbiased opinion.**

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