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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hobby Race R/C Mini Buggy

I was able to play with the R/C Mini Buggy from Hobby Race.  It came just in time for my son's 8th birthday.  He was so excited to get a remote control car!  

We opened it up and put it all together.  After putting the 9V battery in the remote, and the 4 AA batteries in the charger, we got to work charging the car. It took about 30 minutes.  Then he was off playing with his car.  

He used the ramp from the box to jump his car, spun circles, drove it all over, and had a great time. It is so easy to use.  It also has a trimmer on the bottom to adjust the alignment for the front wheels. 

The only problem was the battery charger only worked once.  Then the green light would only come on for 5-10 seconds and would fade out.  This is as it died out. The green should be just as bright, and the car battery was dead.

I messaged the company, but haven't heard back yet.  Seeing how it was over the Christmas week, I'm assuming they were pretty busy. 

Thankfully it also had a USB charger that I can use with our computer.  That works fine, so he is constantly playing with it and a few weeks later still having a blast. He loves his mini buggy, and it's lasted a few weeks in our house, which is a lot.  

**I received this in exchange for my honest review.**

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  1. this is cool , I wanted to get chosen for this but wasnt able to . either way looks like you had fun!