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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Having fun in the kitchen making Baked Eggs in a Cup

I love trying new things in the kitchen.  How fun to get new kitchen items to try out and review!  I was excited when I got to try out a new zester and Select Culinary Silicon Baking Cups. 

I decided to put them to work and make baked eggs.   I turned the oven to 350°   Then put my baking cups in the cupcake pan, poured about a tablespoon of cream in each cup, and cracked one egg in each. 
**Looking back, I would suggest adding a little oil into each cup. The eggs stuck enough to make clean up a little harder.**

I put a little salt and pepper on each, and then grated some Parmesan cheese on each with the grater. 

I then baked them for 12-15 minutes.  At 15 minutes the yolks came out hard, so cook less if you want softer yolks. 

The just popped right out, but there was the ring at the top that was harder to get cleaned. That is, until I found a little trick. I soaked them for a little while, turned them inside out, then used my little vegetable brush to clean each one.  They cleaned up nice and easy. 

The zester/grater works great!  It's a big size, and will easily grate anything from cheeses to citrus peels. I wasn't paying attention at one point with the Parmesan and my hand slipped and I grated my fingers.  Be careful, because it will grate your skin too.  Ouch!  It's a super handy thing to have, and it's used at least every other day in my kitchen. 

The baking cups are so fun! You don't need to just make cupcakes.  You can bake eggs, meatloaf cups, and turkey with stuffing cups.  They are just great for individual servings!  Plus, they are reusable!

Definitely two kitchen items I absolutely love!  If you are wanting to buy these for your own kitchen you can find them at Amazon at the links below. 

Select Culinary Silicone Baking Cups - Set of 12 Cupcake Liners - Non-stick Silicone Cup Cake Molds https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MUHNC60/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_DwfOub1SFAPW6

Zester - Best Premium Zester Grater - Sharp Stainless Steel Blade- Black Handle https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KCY43U2/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_TxfOub06M3HZR

**I received one or more items in this post for free in exchange for my honest opinion.**