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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gurin Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale (12 lbs Edition)

There's something every kitchen needs.  It's something that tends to get overlooked in the appliance and gadget section.  What is of such importance?  A digital kitchen scale.

To follow a good recipe, it's most accurate to get it right by weighing your measurements.  There are so many variables to 1 cup of flour.  Going by weight is always the best.  I measured out 1 cup of flour. I leveled it out and did both scoops the exact same.  

Below is my first 1 cup measurement. It was 133 grams of flour. 

This was my second 1 cup measurement of flour.  It weighted out at 128 grams.  

I am using Gurin's Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale (12 lbs Edition).  It's a sleek black design with tempered glass.  I love the brightness if the display, and the different options you have available for weight.  It has a very sensitive Power/Tare button, so be watchful that you don't brush it when putting the scale away.  Otherwise it will turn on.  This is actually my second scale. Unfortunately my first one had problems with the display.  

Gurin was very quick to respond and sent a new scale to me a couple days later. I had a wonderful experience with their customer service response.  

I'm always nervous about my appliances breaking.  Due to this, I actually keep my scale stored in the box it came in, just so it has the extra protection from being hurt or accidentally turned on.  

From Gurin:
Features advanced touch sensitive buttons for easy operation
Boasts a tempered glass surface in reflective black that is 4 times stronger than normal glass, and an award-winning thin design.
Equipped with 4 new high precision GFX sensors, the Gurin Touch Digital Kitchen Scale provides accurate measurements from 0.05 oz to 12 lbs 10.8 oz (1 gram to 5750 grams).
Precision Tare features calculates the net weight of the ingredients
Includes 2 lithium batteries and an easy access battery compartment (no screwdriver needed).

I love how much more accurate my baking has become.  The small difference in measurements can make a big difference in baking.  

If you would like to look at getting a Gurin  Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale, check them out on Amazon

I received this scale as a promotion through Tomoson in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  

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  1. This is a great Kitchen Scale. It is very accurate and such a cool sleek and modern design.