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Friday, November 14, 2014

Tanors Wine Aerator

I had never used a wine aerator before.  I'll admit that I went into this a little skeptical.  How can this device change the flavor of my wine?

I decided to do a taste test.  I opened my wine bottle and poured a little wine into one glass.  Then I used Tanors Wine Aerator with a little wine in the other glass.  I poured the wine through the top, it went through the perforated holes, and ran into my glass.  Easy. 

I'm going to admit that I was surprised at the difference.  The wine I was drinking was a light tasting wine.  However the one I used Tanors Wine Aerator with had an even lighter taste.  I found myself liking that glass much better than the one I just poured from the bottle straight to the glass. What does the aerator do?

As Tanors explains...
"As one allows the wine to breathe it permits the wine to release all it's flavors and aromas that make the experience memorable...

The wine first comes in contact with the disperser, which expands the wine and creates more surface area for the air to come in contact with it.  The wine is then forced through perforated holes in the wine aerator allowing separation of the wine and slowing down the flow of wine so it spends a considerable amount of time in contact with the air.  The final step is where the wine is collected and then pressurized through a small opening forcing maximum contact between the air and the wine releasing all the flavors and aromas we expect from our wine.

After you have experienced the difference, you will never drink wine the same way again."

I will say that I agree completely.  I cannot imagine drinking another glass of wine without first using Tanors Wine Aerator.  I was happily surprised.  

If you are interested in trying it for yourself, go to the link below. 

I received this product through ShopWithReviews.com in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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  1. I love wine!! I'll admit that I've looked at these things and wondered if they really work. LOL But now, I'll definitely have to give it a try!