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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Organic Henna Powder from Frontier Coop

I'm new at henna designs, but I knew I wanted to make my own paste.  I don't like the unknown when it comes to ingredients with stuff like that.  I just happened upon a Frontier Co-op group buy that was ready to order at the same time I was looking to buy a pound of henna powder. 

I was excited to try it out when I got my bag, but I admit I was nervous too.  I noticed the bag said use by 2017.  I assumed that meant it was fresh.  I really liked the smell.  It was a potent smell that reminded me of strong tea.  The powder was fine, soft, and a nice greenish color.

I knew I needed to sift it, and was wondering how much of the sand, sticks, and leaves I'd sift out.  

I was happily surprised when I got no sand, one twig, and about 4 or 5 little leaf particles.  

I scooped 4 heaping spoonfuls of the powder into a bowl, and sealed the rest up in a gallon zip top bag.  I went through the method of making the paste and let it sit for 24 hours before trying it out.  

It worked great.  It goes on smoothly, and when left on 8+ hours the stain lasts weeks. 

My foot with the paste on. 

2 weeks later it's still dark in some areas. 

The henna powder was a great price at less than $10 a pound.  A definite great deal. 

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